I hate fingernails

I should clarify. I don’t hate fingernails. They are dead useful for peeling off stickers, or opening cd cases, or scratching an itch.

I should say I hate long fingernails. However in all actuality, I don’t hate those either. They’re pretty, after all.

But as a woman who uses her hands to see, long fingernails are a major pain. I don’t know why I decided to grow them out, but I did. And I jam them constantly while reaching for the wall to navigate myself inside, or reaching into the cabinet or the fridge. I’ve taken to reaching for Jayden using the back of my hand so I don’t poke him. And texting on my little phone with the full keyboard, those tiny little buttons hard enough to push accurately without a finger extension? Yeah, I think that’s what is going to make me finally cut the barking things off.

Typing hasn’t been too bad, luckily. If I can just hold out a little while longer and have long nails for the Christmas party, then I’ll cut them off.

How do you feel about long nails? I think my general consensus is, long fingernails are not meant for girls who use their hands. Maybe that’s a poor generalization. They aren’t meant for girls who use their hands to see. Maybe even that’s a generalization. I should just say they aren’t meant for me, except every so often.

A pointless post, indeed. I’ve got over 48,000 words now! I will definitely be exceeding the 50,000 word mark!


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2 Responses to I hate fingernails

  1. Ugh I HATE long finger nails! I keep mine trimmed super short. Part of that is training from my 12yrs of playing violin (can’t have any kind of length to finger nails and do that) part of it is similar to yours using my fingers to figure things out.

  2. Last month I thought I would get my nails done. It had been a while. Like you, I use my fingers to ‘see’ and after about a week I picked them all off! I enjoy at times getting a manicure with short nails but not long nails.

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