I don’t wanna

Ok you know that song that goes “I ain’t got nobody” and the “i” is all drawn out and the “body” in “nobody” is all drawn out? Ok, now you know the song. I am singing that song with the words “I don’t feel like cleaning”.

I don’t have a lot to do. I need to clean up my kitchen, cuz we got lazy about loading the dishwasher so there are dishes in the sink, and the counters need cleaning. I need to tidy up the breakfast bar, which catches all the mail and is the home of my purse and our keys and sunglasses. I need to clean my bathroom. Really, that’s all I’m gonna worry about for my home visit. I’m not picking up cat toys or anything, because I want Don to know howe live. Really I’m just gonna clean like I normally do. But I don’t feel like it.

When I start a new blanket, I get obsessed and it’s all I want to do lol. But, this is important. Usually I do all my cleaning before noon. But that just didn’t happen today. I had quite a few emails to anser and then I decided I’d just do a few rows on the blanket. Should not have done that. Should have let the crochet sit until after I cleaned. Cuz now it’s coming up on noon and I don’t feel like cleaning.

I know once I put on a playlist on iTunes and put on my cleaning clothes, I’ll get into the groove, it’s just the starting I have a problem doing haha!!

So yay, now I’ve wasted another 5 minutes of cleaning time writing about not wanting to clean 😉


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  1. Oh sheesh, have I done that before! I will see the dog hair dust bunnies at the end of the hall, and be like “I don’t want to clean!” and just walk past them. Then my mum will come over and take my house apart with her brand of “cleaning” so then I have more work to do, so I’ve learned if she is coming over it’s best to take care of the dust bunnies ahead of time.

    Hope your home visit goes great! When I had mine for Freedom Guide Dogs and GDF they didn’t even go in most of the rooms of my house or look at the back yard! We sat at the kitchen table and talked for like an hour, then we did a walk with James, my cane and “Juno”, then talked a bit more and then the trainer left. I don’t know what I had expected, but not that. I guess I had thought they’d want to meet all of my dogs (nope, they just met James as the others were crated), and see my house fully, but nope.

  2. Ro

    Just taking a quick e-mail break. I got motivated finally lol. I’m just tidying up. I had stuff in the area where I plan to put my bedroom tie down, so I cleaned up that spot. Loaded the dishwasher and will scrub the counters. I’ll straighten up in the living room, but not really doing any more than I normaly would. I’m getting some great pointers from my e-mail list, so I’m not stressing about it all. It’s cleaning that needed to be done anyway lol. And, best of all, after telling B about the coffee table and a dog’s tale, he’s finally going to rid his corner of old newspapers hehe!

  3. You have a coffee table?! Yeah that probably won’t last long with a lab tail around, lol. My coffee table is pushed off to the side of my couch next to the wall so no dog tails can clear it. Plus that means the living room is wide open, geat rompus room

  4. I’m the same way, except I’m singing the song about not wanting to study for finals and work on the take home test I have. I think it’s contagious! LOL.

  5. Ro

    I hope I won’t have to move my coffee table. We eat on it, as B likes to eat by the tv. Plus, I put my feet on it since my laptop is set up by the couch. Plus, it was my mom’s favorite table lol. I don’t keep anything on it. B keeps newspapers on it, but not for long. And the tv remotes, which he can keep on his computer desk. I’ve got a huge open area in my entry way that will be perfect for romp and groom time, so I’m not too concerned about space. There’s plenty of room for the pooch to lay down right by me near the couch, and I’m betting I’m gonna let her on the couch next to me 😉

  6. Ro

    Hey, it worked!! Yay! Is that open ID or your actual LJ?

  7. It was open ID. For some reason, it won’t accept the LJ address the way it was putting it in when I was selecting the LJ option. I typed it in differently, and it worked.

  8. Ro

    Silly blogger. I’m glad you figured it out though!

    I’m done cleaning for the day. Really didn’t do any more than normal. And it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought, so it didn’t take long. I’ll do the bathroom on Sunday, and then I’ll be all ready 🙂

  9. Now you’ve got that song in my head.

    You’ll do just fine.

    And we paid for echo, and it seems that somehow the ug isn’t so ug anymore. Pop on over and run Alex through it when you have a chance.

  10. Ro

    Oh! New toy! I’ll head over once I empty my e-mail. I’m so OCD lately when it comes to internet routines 😉

  11. I’m so with you on the putting it off — so excited for you! Its fun to read about the pre – the build up – the anticipation 😀

  12. David Lee Roth, formerly of Van Halen. Very big in the 80’s. *wink*

  13. Ro

    Oh haha took me a minute to figure out why you said that lol!!

  14. “David Lee Roth, formerly of Van Halen. Very big in the 80’s. *wink*”

    Or Louis Prima, big in the 50’s and 60’s if you want to go way back.

    Ok, music dork out.

  15. lol *wink* All the winks going on I’m just not with it these days! Maybe I’m getting old. lol
    I remember David Lee when he was knee high to a grasshopper! (sooooo kidding)
    Gosh, Stormcrow could do a whole Van Halen post, which he probably will now if he reads this. lol He’s such a music dork. Join the crowd Steve. Maybe we could have a whole music dorks anonymous? My name is jnoi…I am a music geek too. *wink* lol*smile*

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