I changed the rules. I can do that. :)

Ok I’m changing my rules on the short story challenge haha! A week deadline isn’t challenging enough for me as I noticed after I set to work. An idea formulated and a story came storming out. I surpassed the word limit though, so the hardest part is trimming it down. I’m giving myself until Sunday to post it. I think it’ll be fun, at least for me if I do this again, to have the topics picked by a Friday and have the story up on the blog by Sunday. Much more challenging. I’m just glad an idea came to me. I wasn’t sure, with how blocked I’ve been, but I figured a short story not related to the novel would be a good break. The goldfish bowl became the muse and I like what I’ve got. Now to trim it, arrrg! Hehehe!

Even if no one else finds this interesting, it’s helping me a lot. There have been so many thoughts gurgling about in my head that narrowing them down to a blog post has been impossible. It’s been a tough week for our country and my town, to say the least. Writing helps me so much. So bear with me as I travel through my creativity induced happy stupor. 🙂


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  1. I’m interested! 🙂 I can’t wait to read it! 🙂 (O and I’m finally gonna fix the “going blind” link on my blog FYI.)

  2. Ro

    Yay so glad you’re interested! I need to cut out 150 words and it’s driving me batty hahaha! The more I try and refine, the more words I add as I try and delete. Maddening!

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