How to make your iPhone stop talking *Edited

I had a search query on August 25 that read:

my iphone 4 is talking “slide or double tap”

I’m thinking someone might have accidentally turned on Voiceover for the iPhone. If anyone else has that problem and stumbles upon this post, just do a three finger double tap to make the voice stop talking.

A friend of mine had this happen with his iMac. He was messing around with keys and it started talking. That might be rather frightening if you don’t know that all Apple products come with a screen reader for the blind haha!

If your iMac starts talking, just press command + F5. If it happens on a Macbook, press command + function + F5.

Hope this helps future searchers. 🙂

*Looks like I was a bit mistaken. Please check out the comment from Amanda for more. I guess you don’t turn the screen reader off and on so easily, so maybe this query had nothing to do with what I thought it did.


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  1. 3 finger double tap only mutes VO, it does not turn it off. If you mute VO, the sighted user still won’t be able to interact with their phone normally. A 3 finger triple tap turns screen curtain on and off.

  2. If you haven’t figured it out, there’s a setting in your VO settings where you can check to have the home key Toggle VO on and off by clicking it three times. I don’t have an IPhone yet, but hopefully in a month or so! 😀

  3. Anonymous

    it helped the 3 times taping

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