How @TheGarfoose helps me without knowing it

You all know how much I love baseball. It’s been a long haul this off season, not having it around during some hard times. I have a chance to go to some spring training games in Phoenix, but I’ve opted not to go because the fatigue I’ve been battling was just getting exacerbated by the idea of planning a trip, however short. While I’m disappointed, I know it’s the best option for me right now.

Something that has really helped during the off season is how accessible some of the guys are on Twitter. It’s nice just to get a glimmer of them from time to time.

The one that has brought me the most comfort and laughs is Dirk Hayhurst. I wrote an introduction to him in this post.

I think it was Friday night, I was in a terrible place emotionally and just needed to laugh. I sent out a mention to some people, including Dirk. He sent me four tweets, all involving a fun trick I could play on friends using garden gnomes. It had me rolling, and so touched me that he, a writer and a baseball player who is getting ready for spring training, took the time to write me a little story when I told him my heart was aching. Wow.

This morning I got a tweet with an article talking a little more about Dirk and what The Garfoose actually is. I thought I’d link it here, because this man is quickly becoming one of my favorite people, not only because he’s actively talked to me on a couple occasions now, but just because he’s hilarious and every time he tweets, I feel my heart lighten just a bit.

A few days ago he said he saw a blue jay in his tree and when he was with the Jays, that used to be a good sign. He said if he ever saw a ray in his tree, he’d have to lay down. Hahaha!! I just love him. I’m grateful for people who touch lives without even knowing it.

I wish I could go in to just what’s going on with me here, but it’s just not something for public consumption. I can assure you my family is fine and Jayden is fine, it’s just really, really hard times right now. A lot of confusion and anger and sadness. And Dirk Hayhurst never fails to be a bright spot for me. Just wanted to share a little public thank you to him because he’s just awesome, even though he’d probably get all humble and be like, eh, I’m just a guy. Sure he’s just a guy, but he’s a great one, that’s for sure.

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