How Not to Spill Coffee on Your Electronics Part Two

Today’s lesson is brought to you by Logitech, Folger’s, Otterbox and Cheerios.

I know it’s exciting when you’re about to start getting ready for an outing with a new friend, especially when you’ve been stuck in the house for awhile. You’re enjoying your morning routine of reading Twitter and drinking Folger’s Black Silk coffee though you are careful not to drink coffee as fast as normal so hopefully you can avoid several pit stops while out with your new friend. With so many things on your mind it’s easy not to notice you set your coffee down on your iPhone.

Luckily your iPhone is encased in a nice Otterbox case, though it’s not waterproof. Probably the reason you didn’t notice where you set the coffee down was because the rubber on the bottom of your huge travel mug nicely gripped the rubber of the Otterbox. Because of this you have no idea that the coffee cup is just barely balanced on the phone, teetering precariously next to your Logitech wireless keyboard.

You begin thinking of your chocolate Cheerios and what you’ll wear for the day and you need to check the time. You always check the time on your iPhone. Which is barely under your coffee cup. Which is right next to your Logitech wireless keyboard.

At this time let us pause and review how not to spill coffee on your electronics.

Do not just grab your iPhone and quickly pick it up. Sure, you don’t know the coffee is there, but it might be a good idea to check first. If you do quickly pick up your phone, be very grateful the cup was nearly empty. (It is normal to have a flashback of the movie ‘License to Drive’ when the styrofoam cup lands in the scary driver instructor’s lap and Corey Haim is cowering in fear and the instructor holds up the cup and says, “the cup…was empty!”)

If you do hear your cup topple and touch the wet table and begin cursing it is definitely a good idea to switch the keyboard off quickly, (Thank you Logitech for having a nice on/off switch there) picking up the keyboard and turning it over while holding it above the plastic TV tray nearby so as not to pour coffee from the keyboard onto the iPhone which you haven’t checked yet, oh and the carpet.

After coffee is poured out of the keyboard which luckily only got wet on the caps lock side, oh please don’t let caps lock be stuck on, run it over to the kitchen and lay it upside down to dry, vowing not to touch it until you return home hours later. You might want to make a mental sticky note that the keyboard is on your breakfast bar so you don’t almost set your new lamp on it later.

Return to the scene of the crime to check on your iPhone. Be grateful it is not wet. Also be grateful your headphones were not on the table along with your iPhone and keyboard like the first time this happened.

Go about your day, get home, switch keyboard on and pray. Be grateful it works. Type a post with it the next day. Wonder if you will ever write part three. Realize this is probably a given. Along with part four. Probably even ten eventually with how much coffee you drink.


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7 Responses to How Not to Spill Coffee on Your Electronics Part Two

  1. I had a good giggle when i read that lol. I hope you had a good day.

    And it’s nice to see the old ro coming out of herself again.

    Take care, xxx.

  2. Martin Collicott

    Hi Ro: I see the coffee saga continues. I wear mine mostly on my clothes.

  3. Ro

    Torie, glad to give you a giggle and I’m glad the old me is back to haha! I didn’t get an email to approve your comment. Strange. Only noticed it just now when I approved another comment.

    Martina! How are you!?!? I wear a lot of coffee on my clothes as well, which is why I only wear house clothes while drinking it haha!

  4. Martin Collicott

    Martina is it? Whatever you say, Rolland. (smile)
    Seriously, I am very well. So very happy to see you chugging along.

  5. Ro

    Aye, didn’t I used to call you Martina? That was back in the day of the email list when it was fun. Sometimes I miss it. I don’t miss the volume though.

  6. Martin Collicott

    Yeah, you did and I won’t repeat here what your nickname was. It is Rolland now. (smile)
    I am still active on the list as there are some very nice folks there. Really miss you there as you were much of the fun. Hang in there. You are doing just great. I do check in from time to time.


  7. Ro

    Haha Rolland works. I’m so curious as I can’t remember what my nickname was haha!

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