How dare you…um…graffiti with yarn…

It must be horrible to walk through your town and see graffiti, spoiling the local architecture, corroding trees and lamp posts. It must be awful to look around and see cute little sweaters and various forms of knitting in all kinds of colors.

Seriously. It’s called The ‘Gorilla Knitter. I’ve heard about this before and now it’s cropped up again. Police in the UK are trying to find this horrible person and put a stop to the knitting graffiti. Wow. I should think it’s better than spray paint, and residents of the town admit they don’t want the culprit caught.

Honestly I don’t think authorities are really trying all that hard. The knitter has a Facebook and Myspace page. Couldn’t the FBI go all CSI on their ass and do their cool tracker stuff? Heck, even my little tracker can see IP addresses, though I don’t get any information from it. Maybe the knitter is also good at computer hung fu and has scramblers or something haha!

Man, I want to start gorilla graffiti with crochet. Fellow crocheters, what do you think?


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8 Responses to How dare you…um…graffiti with yarn…

  1. knitting? Seriously!

    Ooo, scrumps everywhere! Jayden, you’re gonna have to learn how to be a getaway woofer. I always joke that Trix wanted to turn me into a shoplifter because she wants to find the exit before I’ve paid, but Jayden’ll have to do it for real! Hahhahah!

  2. Ro

    Hahaha Jayden does the same thing. I’ll have to work on turning “hop up” into a run hahaha!

  3. CSI…Would that be crochet string investigation?

    I’m sorry.

  4. Ro

    That. Was. Effing. Priceless.

    Urgh why am I still afraid to swear on my own blog? I’m in a swering mood. Guess I’ll just do that on the Comet.

  5. OMW! Yes pleeaassee catch this criminal! *eye roll* Too funny.

    Erin & the Pompsters

  6. lol Steve! O btw Ro I found a few books on NLS about crocheting, now just need the hook haha! Then I can join your crooked conglomeration of criminal crocheters! 🙂

  7. That was some nice alliteration there.

  8. gosh, it’s just terrible that people spend time doing fun things that make other people smile instead of sitting on their arse in a pub getting sloshed or whatever.

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