How dare you get a concussion

I am horrible at remembering names of coaches and such. But, the Texas Tech coach was fired after putting a player in a shed when the player came to practice in street clothes. The player had a freakin concussion. Into the shed you go, you bad boy. How dare you get a concussion! And right before a game no less. Physicians said the player was probably not harmed by being stuck in the shed, but sheesh, is that cruel or what. And, aren’t you supposed to watch people withconcussions? I mean, I know it’s not likely he would fall asleep in a shed but still. And now the coach is saying he was unlawfully fired and plans to sue.

He also happened to pick the son of a sports announcer. Not a good move.


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  1. Ooo here comes the Athletic Trainer in me lol. First of all that is pretty ridiculous. I mean yeah he should have come in partial uniform or something but think of a better punishment than that. That’s just stupid. I do think the guy is dumb though for coming in street clothes, even if you can’t practice or play that day, you’re supposed to go in uniform or partial to support your team and be down on the field.

    Here’s the trainer coming up… with a concussion you are only supposed to watch them if it is severe and you can stop after a few hours depending on how bad it is. What you want to do is watch for symptoms. Once a player has been symptom free for a certain amount of time (every trainer’s time limit is different) thats when they can play again. If the symptoms come back then they have to stop again until symptom free for whatever time.

  2. Ro

    Yeah, I figured he was ok if he got himself to the field, and I understand about wearing the uniform no matter what. But, come on! Haha! He should have just told the player, get your ass in the locker room and change. Not get your ass in the shed. I mean, I don’t even lock my cats in a room, you know? Unless it’s the bedroom if the door will be opened for a prolonged time, and then they have the bed to sleep on. I’m just floored that another human being would do that. Especially someone who works for a university. That’s just sooo wrong. Like, Mommy Dearest wrong. All that was missing was a coat hanger.

  3. I know, that punishment is completely stupid.. I don’t know what the guy was thinking. I totally agree with you. I mean I can see some back woods hick high school maybe doing that, but not a big university like Tech.. haha.

    P.S. I like that you changed your age on your joke thing lol. I never remember to change info like that.

  4. Ro

    Haha someone reminded me. I can’t remember now who. I would have forgotten hehe.

    Funny, I was gonna say something like a backwoods hick town too, but was afraid of offending someone in a back woods hick town hahaha!!! I worry too much.

  5. Say away honey say away. It’s your blog, you do what you want! lol.

  6. It was me who reminded Ro to change her age! Pat pat pat, pat pat pat. (I’m patting myself on the back).

    People in backwoods hick towns don’t read blogs. So to all those feeling offended, if you’re reading this comment, rest assured, you’re not a backwoods hick.

    How’s that for mollifying!

  7. Ro

    Hahahaha!!! Perfect!!! Man, I shouldn’t have admitted that you told me to change my age, should have taken all the credit 😉 But, then you would have seen the comments and been like, that little brat. She’s owning something she doesn’t get credit for. I’m not reading anymore. I’m not going to graduation. That brat. So see, my honesty paied off 😉 don’t mine me I haven’t had my full dose of coffee.

  8. You know, I disliked Texas the entire six years I lived there! I kept saying they were this or they were that, and SOME said, “Oh you’re being judgmental!” No, I was being honest and truthful. This kind of thing from Texas Tech doesn’t surprise me in the least. Texans think they can do no wrong! And look, this man (whether Texan or not) thinks he’s done no wrong!

    Forgive me for saying just Texas and Texans, but dang, set a good example Texas! Not a bitter one, again!



  9. Ro

    I think it can be said about just about any state city or province lol. I love the city I live in, Carol absolutely hates it. But yeah, this treatment of a fewllow human being was just not excusable. Ick.

  10. Jnoi I’m from Texas 🙁 lol. And I will be the first to admit that we can be jerks haha. But I think everyone can be. Well I met a Washington that I liked once, she was really nice. lol. Anyways, I hate San Antonio.. most of it. I think if there were more trees here everyone would be happier. I miss the trees from back home. I love the hill country and piney woods though. Every one there are much nicer. Maybe you just didn’t live in the right part of Texas 😉 Come stay with me and I promise you’ll like Texans again haha.

  11. lol Sorry Natalie. 🙁 I truly don’t mean to offend. I lived in Dallas Texas. Maybe the bitterness came a lot from the state refusing to help the blind/poor/needy. (in our case)
    I met some great people there, loved the summery Christmas’, but just met with a few too many ‘bad’ things. I wish the good had outweighed it so I wouldn’t taste the bitterness.

    I am originally from Maryland, and I don’t have much to say about them either. lol They have nice weather and lots of trees along with mountains. 🙂

    So yeah, with every state I’m sure we can all find something wrong with. (Except Nebraska, where I am now) lol

    Take care!
    jnoi joni lol

  12. This story has been a conversation around our dinnertable for the last week with my husband and son! Gosh, sad story.

  13. Yeah, anybody who is capable of reading wouldn’t be offended by your comment about backwoods folk. The people who would be upset by that don’t do much in the way of reading or comprehending.

    And on a completely unrelated note, go Team Canada! I’m getting a little tipsy and watching sports again, today it’s the World Junior Hockey Championships.

    Oh, and Christmas is now officially over, we did our last gift exchange today.

    Sorry for hijacking your concussion thread. That story is brutal, by the way. This guy should never be able to work with other human beings again, and this comes from a wrestling fan. a wrestling fan who thinks a lot of what goes on in the business is disgusting, but a wrestling fan all the same.

    One more thing. I’m thinking about adding the picture I took of myself from the day I took blind guy cell phone shots of me and Carin to my Blogger profile, so if I look like a dork it’s because I took a photo of myself without being able to see it.

  14. Ro

    I don’t like the orange hair, but other than that, you look fine.

    So is my Christmas not officially over since I’m still waiting for shipments of stuff that I bought with Christmas money?

  15. I hadn’t thought about that, but I guess no since it’s Christmas money.

  16. Haha no offense no offense. lol no worries 🙂

    I haven’t gotten all my Christmas stuff in yet either Ro.. Mine and yours is definitely still on! lol.

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