Home Sweet Home

Taking a short trip was nice but man oh man is it good to be home! It is exhausting learning to live in a new space, having to pay close attention constantly, getting turned around easily. If you’re sighted, just imagine being blindfolded and put in a car for six hours and then being walked into a hotel room. It’s pretty intense! Naturally, when I had pretty much figured out the room, it was time to go.

I love being home in my space that I can move around with ease and confidence. It took some time for Jayden to relax too. He followed me around until just a bit ago, when I got my computer hooked back up and sat down on the couch with my keyboard. He’s curled up beside me now and I’m sure I speak for both of us when I say it’s wonderful to not be stuck in the car!

I’ll be writing about the trip soon but for now I’m just happy to be home and comfortable. B is the best travel companion! It was awesome but I can’t wait to sleep in my own bed tonight. Oh I haven’t mentioned that I did all this back on poisonous antibiotics since I got another attack of diverticulitis over the weekend. I get to start the liquid diet tomorrow Yay! Haha…at least I had the best food EVER last night. I mean, EVER. The best…food…EVER.

Oh and cats! It was so good to see the cats! Yay!

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