Hiccups cure

I can vouch for the fact that hiccups do not neet alcohol to exist. I get hiccups quite often and I haven’t touched a drop in over five years lol. So, this is for steve.


1 large glass of water, preferably room temp for easy chugging.

1 straw if alone

If you have an assistant, as all of us disabled folk have a personal assistant, right? *wink* Have your assistant stand behind you with palms cupped around your ears. Have them press palms tightly to create suction. Take a deep breath. Chug all the water. Have assistant only release ears after you are done drinking and take a breath.

If alone, cup your own ears and chug water with a straw. It works best if you have a high counter or table so you’re not bending over too far. This can also be done in bed with a water bottle by balancing bottle between knees and raising legs to tip water into mouth. It’s likely you will spill using this technique.

I only post this because I’ve done all of the above. When mom had cancer the first time, she had hiccups in the hospital and a nurse showed her that trick.

Sometimes it takes two times to work, but it really works. 🙂


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  1. Hahahhaah! Oh I know hickups can occur without da booze, I used to get ’em so bad I would hickup until I belched. I could bring ’em on by laughing believe it or not. It just seems he’s more likely to hickup after he’s had something alcoholic to drink.

    Hahahha, glad you’re enjoying our silliness.

  2. Since I currently am unable to reach the keyboard through my bubble, I wish, through my personal assistant, to thank you for this good information. It will come in quite handy should ever I learn to pour my own water.

  3. That is an interesting trick. What always works for me is holding my breath and taking tiny sips of water, for as long as I can hold my breath. never fails, knock on wood 🙂

  4. Anonymous

    I get hiccups all the time and I don’t drink.

    Downing a big glass of water almost always works for me, as my assistant has the year off, grin.


  5. Ro

    Downing water without the ears has never worked for me. I might try that small sips while holding my breath. You know, my guide dog should be able to hold my ears. I mean, I can just tell him to go to the store and he can get us there even if he’s never been there. 😉

    How dare your assistant take the year off. HOw ever did you manage? =D

  6. Anonymous

    Well, I ask my guide dog to do all kinds of things around the house for me but he never does them, not even once! Doesn’t stop me from continuing to ask, though.

    Don’t give up on the water thing. It has only worked for me now that I’m old(er), didn’t when I was younger. In my early twenties, I would get them every day for weeks on end. And nothing worked. The people that I talked to on the phone at work thought it was the cutest thing. I was annoyed as hell.


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