Here’s Alex!

Alrighty then. I should have timed this to see how long it takes lol! I’ve got a video of Alex to share. I think I have the camera aimed at just a computer speaker, but who knows. I just wanted to get audio of Alex. So I had him read a little of a Vomit Comet post because I think it’s a good thing to really show you Alex’s capabilities. I’m uploading it to youtube now and I’m also gonna do a blogger video since at least one of my readers can’t do youtube.

Hope this works…hold on to your butts…

Here is the youtube link.

Ok holy crap it takes forever to upload on Blogger. Humming Jeopardy theme. Youtube was done ages ago haha! La la la la la….

Ok, this is taking forever to upload this video to Blogger. So, I’m going to embed the youtube video. For those who can’t view the youtube page, does the embedded video work? If I can keep from using Blogger to upload, that will be great haha!

I had to give up on the Blogger upload. It was taking forever and there was no indication of progress. Then I tried embedding the youtube but I got an html error. Gonna try it again but I might give up on that too. So if there’s no embedded video that’s why.


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  1. Ro

    Aaaaaah the video got all mess up dammit. I don’t know how that happened. Crap. Maybe it just messed up when I just tried to play it from this.

  2. The embedded video is there as is your link. Looks ok to me.

  3. Nope can’t see it:(

    Thanks for trying, maybe I can get the computer unlocked so I can view it sometime,

    Oh cool, looking outside my window it’s snowing!! Toby’s gonna want to go outside…

    Toby’s Raiser

  4. Ok I’m really sorry but if I had to deal with Alex’s constant “blip”s I would go nuts! Then again I am very sound sensitive. I could only listen for about 30 seconds of the part where he was “speaking” before I had to turn it off. But very glad he works for you!

  5. Ro

    Haha trust me, if you’d gone without internet for 9 months, you’d embrace it. It definitely takes some getting used to.

    I just listned to the video again and I hate my voice in it hahaha! I was getting really drowsy and I think I sound stupid 😉

    Oh, what is the camera aimed at? Can you see anything?

  6. yeah you are right if I were without internet for more than a month probably I would learn to LOVE Alex! From what i could watch I didn’t see much, basically a shadowy part of your computer area.

  7. That was great! I have a Mac and after reading about Alex on your blog awhile ago I played around with voiceover for fun. However, I had an older version that had different voices. Alex sounds so much more human!

    I think the camera is pointed at a speaker on a desk.

  8. L^2

    Haha… cool! Thanks for sharing Alex. It did pretty good with correctly pronouncing most of those words that are spelled the same. And he sounds much better than the screen reader I tried out years ago.

    I’m not sure what your camera is pointed at in the video. At the beginning when you were adjusting things there was a blue light, but for most of it I can see one or two dark shapes – probably your computer speaker. Hopefully someone with better sight can tell you for sure what it’s aimed at.

  9. When you raised his pitch, it sounded like Alex got hoofed in the groin. Hahahahha.

    And does your email seriously go off every time one email comes in? Mine checks every ten minutes, or when I force it to, and it doesn’t ding every time an email goes off. That would drive me bat bat batty being on like 8 listserves. Interesting. It got some right that JAWS got wrong, but it got some wrong that JAWS got right. Like sewer. JAWS said both of them like sew-er, but Alex said both of them like sue-er. Funky doodle things. Yeah I wanna hear him say shh and hmm and meow and croissant. Na I don’t think you sound stupid. I’d be all nuts knowing I had to get it in one take.

  10. Oh dear God! You should have done a disclaimer on that before messing with the tone and such! I just spewed lemonade all over my desk and now have co-workers thinking I’m more crazy than they did before! Alex rocks! Ask him to say Pele and Georgie – my friends screen reader used to butcher them!

  11. Got it unlocked, cool video, Alex sounds “odd”!

  12. Ro

    Before I forget, Alex butchered Pele. He sounded like peal, but like he didn’t quite comit to the word lol! Georgie sounds just fine.

    Toby’s trainer, glad you got to see them! Tell your parents I really try and keep stuff G rated, or at least PG. You are always safe viewing my videos.

    Carin, yes I have mail check every minute. I don’t mind it though lol!

    Haha to Alex sounding like he got hoofed in the crotch and so sorry for making anyone spit on their computer hehehe!

    Oh I just put up another post where Alex says hmm and mm and stuff.

  13. Ro

    Ack, I always forget stuff. I was hoping for just a nothing type picture on the video, so that’s good. I think it was pretty dark in here too. It was just aimed at a speaker.

  14. Whoa! That’s crazy. I think I would get really annoyed, but if it was the only way I could get on the internet it would definitely be worth it!
    Why do you call him Alex?

  15. Ro

    Apple named him Alex. Someone told me who he was named after, but I can’t remember. Was that Natalie who told me that?

  16. oh yes! Dear peel! listserv people thought gdb had a gem of a name there until someone asked me about it. Then I started spelling pay-lay. JAWS used to say Georgie gee-org-gee. Glad Alex got it right!

  17. It looks like JAWS is over its Georgie troubles.

  18. Wow, can that new line bloop thing be turned off? If not, I here and now thank you for saving me from ever making a time an money investment in Apple. If it was the only way onto the internet and all that, but Jesus Christ on a flaming pogo stick that’s annoying!

    Credit where it’s due though, Alex did say sow correctly. JAWS can’t do that.

    On a somewhat unrelated note, you sound exactly like I pictured you sounding. I hope I don’t sound all creepy guy when I say that, but you know how you try to get a feel for a person through the things they write? Well, between the blog posts and the stuff you’ve said on our blog and the emails, I totally pegged your voice. Not sure if you’ve tried to imagine mine, but I’ll tell you right now I sound nothing like I look lol. As the saying goes, I’ve got the perfect face for radio.

  19. Ro

    Haha Carin just asked me the same thing. I’m going to have to look into that. I’m sure you can turn it off but since this was my first screen reader, I had nothing to compare, so I don’t mind it. It helps me “see” the way a page is laid out. But I’ll lok into that and get back to you.

    I’ve spoken with some people by phone who I used to talk to online a lot, and they’ve all said I sound just like I write. I have no idea what that means, but ok. I’m not sure I think about people’s voices. I guess maybe for you I might think of someone really sarcastic, like Adam Corolla. And I’ve probably just really offended you haha! Or, who’s that comedian, the one who smoked and drank all the time. Crap. What was his name. Not Carlin. Ack. Do you know who I mean?

  20. Ro

    Ok yep. Turned off the blurps. And now it sounds really, really funny. Like, really funny hahaha! But, I know those things were annoying a lot of people, so for video’s sake, I’ll turn it off.

  21. Hahaha I think I know who you mean. Are you talking about Denis Leary? I sound nothing like him. but then again, lots of comedians smoke and drink, it’s kind of one of those things you have to do as part of the job I think.

    Carlin…you saying that would be at least the second time I’ve been compared to him based on writing, but I guess you really didn’t compare me to him since you said not Carlin. But I thought I’d mention that because it’s been said about me and being such a fan of his I thought it was an amazing compliment that I’m not sure I deserve.

    And you haven’t offended me, I think Adam Carolla is pretty amusing in his own right. he’s got the obnoxious rant style down to an art.

  22. Oh stop that, Steve.

    Hey, did you ever upload that blind Canadian thing? If not, I command you to do it post haste. Hey, if I can be up there sounding like I’m very angry at our mayor, you can put that mp3 up.

  23. Give us a sample of his stuff. Guy who smoked and drank all the time…not George Burns? I sure hope not cause he’s kicked the bucket.

  24. It’s your screenreader, do what serves you. We can deal. I just know I’d be about ready to punch something if I had to listen to blurps all day.

  25. Ro

    Yes! Dennis Leary. Indeed.

    The reason I said not Carlin is because I don’t think you sound like him. Yes, your sarcasm is a lot like his, but I don’t picture you sounding like him. So yeah. That’s why. But I’d say in my head you’re a combo of Corrola, Leary and Carlin.

  26. hmm wasn’t me who told you about Alex’s name.. I think the voiceover names are funny.. Maddie, they have names like Bahh – which sounds like a sheep and bubbles and bells lol.. the only ones I can understand are the human ones, Alex, Bruce, Vicki and Victoria .. that’s all the human ones I can remember right now lol.

  27. I’m pretty sure it’s not up, but putting it up is no problem, I’ve actually been meaning to. I can’t believe that thing was 10 years ago and people still remember it.

  28. Wait, they have a Vicki and a Victoria? Aren’t those just 2 ways of saying the same name?

  29. Ro

    Yup. There’s Vicky and Victoria. Vicky sounds really like, demeur, if I spelled that right. She announces the time on the hour for me. Victoria, I don’t like her voice. It’s annoying.

  30. LOL! I agree. The blips were annoying. I would go nuts with that. I am used to JAWS, but I think I could get used to Alex as well. You have him at a similar speed to what I have JAWS set to, and I understood most of what he said. 🙂 I think he needs to say owwwwww or ouch to see if that makes him sound like he is in even more pain. Haha.

    And let’s see… What do you think I sound like in real life? This should be interesting.

  31. Ro

    Hmmm. I don’t know if I’ve imagined how you sound. I think you probably have a strong voice, because you get what you want. so a strong, clear voice, neither high or low.

  32. I get what I want? LOL. That’s funny. How do you figure that?

    By the way, here the sound of a buzzer. 🙂 I really don’t have a strong voice unless I am singing. People often laugh because I’m tiny and speak relatively softly, but when I sing, everything changes! I would say mine is more high-pitched. When people who do not know me call on the phone, they often think I am much younger than I am. I get the, “Is your mommy available?” question at times which really makes me crazy since I am 24.

  33. Ro

    Darnit. Originally I was gonna say soft spoken. But don’t the people on this list say you get what you want or something? I don’t remember what it was that was said. And I said strong voice because I knew you’re a singer. So I was half right haha!

  34. Haha, some people I know talk softly and sing like Mini Mouse, so… It could go both ways.

    I’m not sure what was said on the list either. Maybe Carin knows?

  35. Ro

    Carin is the all knowing omniscient wee small one. How’s that for redundant? She sucks up info though. She can find a blog post from her blog from like 2004 in like 2 seconds flat. I bet she knows. But I have a feeling she won’t be resurfacing until she masters Outlook.

  36. Hahahahah omniscient wee small one. I wish. I’m good at our own blog, but the list…not so much. There was some talk about you being an empowered woman. It happened in a thread I wasn’t following closely. Then all the jokes started flying around about being scared of the empowered woman. I think.

    And damn me, I’m not that omniscient, I don’t even know what’s on my own bloody computer! I have Microsoft Office Home and Student. I used to have an older Office Pro that had Outlook 03. I no longer have Outlook! I’m now trying to figure out if I can buy Outlook individually or if there’s a better program. Boooo me!

  37. Ro

    That’s what it was! Empowered woman. Now see, I wouldn’t have remembered that. That’s why I thought she gets what she want. See, you did come through 😉

  38. No Outlook? Carin, you are so deprived! Home and Student editions should both have it with them. Hunt them down! LOL!

    As for being empowered, well… It’s all they talk about in social work and rehabilitation classes. Empowering clients. I am a client even though I’m learning this stuff as well, so I guess it gets sucked into my brain where it stays for good. I used to be horrible at asserting my needs and wants and would just sit there letting whatever happened happen. Now, I will speak up for myself, and I’m so darn stubborn that I will not give up on one of my own goals. My rehab counselor probably thinks I’m a tiny terror. LOL.

  39. home and student should have it? ooooooo! Ooo ooo ooo!

    Hey, tiny terrors are a good thing! I’m one too! I was once called a force of nature. Perhaps that was a little much. But I like being a tiny terror.

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