Help Dirk Hayhurst raise money for Japan

Dirk Hayhurst makes a point I hadn’t thought about. He said since Japan isn’t a third world country like Haiti, people might not realize they need just as much help. He’s raising money on his blog in a very interesting way. If you donate to a link he set up and send him a screen shot, he’ll call you on Skype. Pretty cool, huh? I’d love to take him up on it, but my money is going to the Japan rebuilding blankets I’m hoping will really go somewhere.

But if you don’t crochet or knit and want to help, check out Dirk’s blog. It’s just another way to make a difference. Ok, not gonna edit this, did the MS walk this morning and need to go crochet and recover. A blog post on that will be up by the end of the day.

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