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Dave just e-mailed this to me. Deadline is Halloween. It’s fast and simple. You must enter five suggestions but I could only think of four so I just wrote “can’t think of a fifth” in the last spot haha. My suggestions were things relating to my MS like bathtubs and beds and things. Those were things I just didn’t think about asking before going to GDB. It tells you what they are already including in the survey and you can add things you’d like to know about guide dog programs before making your decision.


            The National Association of Guide Dog Users (NAGDU), a strong and proud division of the National Federation of the Blind, is creating a survey of guide dog training programs to help better inform consumers while they are choosing a guide dog training program. In order to gather the type of information that will lead to a sound, informed decision, we would like to know what you feel is important in a training program and what additional information, if any, would assist you in selecting the program best suited to your needs.   . (See also the list of policy areas to be included on the web page.) You are invited to offer your comments and suggestions.

Click here for the survey

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