Health Update and a Tasty Pasta Salad

I got too busy today to be able to dedicate time to the follow-up to yesterday’s post so I’m going to save that for tomorrow. Instead I’ll write an update on my latest medical stuff and share a “recipe”.

I saw my doctor today as a follow-up to my Urgent Care and ER visit. She didn’t tell me much that I didn’t know from doing my own research but it was good to hear it all from her and get positive feedback on the food choices I’ve been making during the last week or so. That first week was all about recovering and eating just enough to stay nourished while allowing my system to fully repair itself. I had to stay away from high fiber foods which I hadn’t been too sure about but my doctor explained why today. I won’t be writing that here since I’m going to be talking about food haha! Long story short, everything checked out and I’m good to go.

So since I was limited on what kinds of things I could eat and since the Urgent Care freaked me out when they thought it could be gallbladder, I’ve decided to prepare most of my own foods now. I’ll admit, it has just been easier to eat what B eats and he likes to eat from restaurants and such. This is ok for the most part because I have really figured out how to eat fairly healthy from restaurants where you get a big choice. However B also likes his fast food and I won’t be eating that anymore. So on those nights, I’ll either heat up some progresso soup if I don’t feel like cooking or like I did today, I’ll make something.

I’ve never been one who likes following recipes unless they’re my mom’s old recipes. I’ve always just created food. So after deciding to make this change I ordered a nice pasta pot from Amazon that has a built-in colander for easily straining pasta and a steamer basket for veggies and such. I hardboiled eggs the other day and it’s a breeze just lifting out the colander and putting it into an ice bath. I love this thing!

I got spiral pasta, I can’t remember the proper Italian name. I’ll be switching to whole wheat pasta but I couldn’t do high fiber right away so I’m using this box up first. The first thing I made last week was a cup of pasta and a can of tuna with the steamed mixed veggies. I like the stir fry mix with snow peas and water chestnuts. Yum!

Tonight though, oh this was delicious! I boiled a cup of pasta and tossed it with some olive oil and garlic salt and set it aside. I steamed the mixed veggies and some frozen shrimp. When that was done I tossed it in with the pasta, some more garlic salt, a handful of unsalted peanuts and some black olives. Oh, so tasty! I chilled it and when B got home with his Burger King, I enjoyed my chilled pasta salad. It was so good!

It is so easy too. I mean the first time I did that pasta and tuna mix I didn’t expect it to be as good as it was. I can’t wait to try something else tomorrow since I’m making B his hotdogs haha.

One of the things I really want to do is simmer some chicken in broth or even cream of mushroom soup, shred it and add that cold to pasta. I never realized how much I enjoy cold pasta salads and there’s just no limit to what you can create!

Oh, and I lost six pounds in two weeks haha. I’m really not trying to lose though I can stand to lose some after this crazy year has really messed up my exercise routine. The combination of the three day liquid diet and now this change in what I eat and the weight is pouring off. Nothing like a little health scare to really make me change my ways! I was eating fairly healthy before but I was definitely doing too much fast food. No more!


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  1. That shrimp salad sounds amazing!

    Living here in northern Ontario has really made Huib and I also start eating more healthy. the nearest fast food restaurant is like a 15 minute drive away and subs get boring quick. Huib has started looking up recipes online while working nights to try and find some creative ways of eating similar foods to the ones we used to enjoy but of course without the long-term health problems that go along with them.

    Maybe I should try and remember to post links to some of the recipes on my blog for others looking for a healthier alternative to their fast food favourites – good idea Ro!
    Brooke, Cessna, Aspen, Canyon & Rogue recently posted..He Said It Was TimeMy Profile

  2. Win Anderson

    You might want to check out using the peanuts. Since I have had colon problems, I can’t eat nuts of any kind, popcorn, and most types of corn.
    They tend to get in the diverticula and stay there. Painful!

  3. Ro

    Yeah saw my doc and we talked about foods. Since I’ve never had an issue with certain foods she said sometimes it just takes experiements. Some people have the diverticula and eat nuts and never have a problem and then they eat popcorn and do. So it’s all hit and miss. We’ll see what happens.

    Brooke, I guess that’s kinda like avoiding chocolate since it causes migraines haha.
    Ro recently posted..Health Update and a Tasty Pasta SaladMy Profile

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