Have some Happy

I’m going to let today’s links speak for themselves since I woke up with the worst vertigo of my life and I’m incredibly brain foggy now. I think the upper left wisdom tooth that needs to come out is messing up my left year. But forget depressing tooth stuff. The internet wins today!

This morning I played a youtube L-Squaredtweeted, The Science of Happiness. Watch that for seriously good feelings. It made me grateful for my gratitude label and explains why I’m usually ridiculously happy despite my less than easy life. I had planned a much more profound post about all this but I did not expect to be so foggy. Just writing out those codes hurt my thought machine haha.

And what wins the grand prize for today and really the month and probably the year? San Francisco and the Batkid. You don’t even have to click that link. Just do a search for Batkid and I bet Google goes crazy. It was all over Twitter today and it’s the best awesome feeling I’ve seen on the internet in a long time. Batkid even got a Vine from the President!

Now, go forth and be happy. Let’s try and spread happy stuff more than horrible stuff, yeah?

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