“Harvest” by Tess Gerritsen – narrated by George Guidall

I have Audio Book Heaven’s 2012 Halo Awards to thank for “Harvest”. I had been craving a medical thriller and hadn’t been able to even finish the last one I attempted to read. I was therefore very concerned when I started “Harvest” and noticed it was the same narrator. However it became clear very quickly that George Guidall was not to blame for that other book and how bad it was. He was excellent in “Harvest”. I’m not sure why I haven’t read any Tess Gerritsen before but I will certainly be remedying that. This book was so good!

Brilliant young doctor, Abby DiMatteo, is thrilled when the elite transplant team at Boston’s Bayside Hospital let’s her know she is slated for a spot on the team in the future if she is interested. All she wants is to be a surgeon and save lives and the prospect of working on the transplant team is a dream come true.

Unfortunately if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. DiMatteo stumbles onto something too horrifying to imagine – how is it that as long as someone has money, a viable organ can always be found?

This book had so many twists I almost felt sea sick. You naturally root for Abby and one thing after another happens to her so you find yourself groaning as yet another force holds her down. I couldn’t help but be reminded just how expendable and controllable we little people are. The ones with the cash have all the mite.

Will Abby end up trusting the right people? Will she manage to save lives without losing her own? I was so bummed when this book was over. I wanted more!

Rating: So Good!

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