Happy New Year!

I had to laugh this morning when I checked the time on my phone and he said “January zero 1, twenty ten”. I don’t know why that made me laugh. Guess I got so used to hearing two thousand and nine”. He actually said the “and”.

I slept a blessed ten hours aaah. Oh sleep how I love thee. I had a decent night last night. Got to blow off some steam with Carin and Steve which was wonderful. It’s amazing, I think I’ve only known them since like October or something, and having them go away caused a glitch in the matrix or something. Carin put up a screen reader singing Aulde Lang Zine. I just realized I have no idea how to spell that.

B and I had Hungry Howie’s pizza. I had them once years ago and when B got home, there was a flier for them on the door. It’s the first time for either of us that that kind of marketing actually worked. They have this flavored crust, very good.

Then we watched Robin Williams – Weapons of Self Destruction. L had put a link to a clip of him up on Facebook, because he does this bit where Bob Dillon is a GPS. I watched that the other day and was laughing hard, so we watched the whole thing last night. In the youtube clip, he does a Silicon Sally type bit too and it’s too funny. Here is the clip, but if you don’t like swearing, don’t watch it.

I realized that I need to watch more stand-up comedy. It’s pretty perfect for a blink. Not a lot of fisuals. Hey Steve and Carin, who’s that blind comedian? Comedy is good for the soul lol. I liked this one too, because Robin Williams is like me. He admits it, so I can. And his jokes about alcoholics cracked me up! I think the combo of sleep, comedy and my favorite Canadians are responsible for my waking up in a good mood.

2009 was actually a pretty good year, despite the horrible economy and everything. So I guess I should say that 2009 was personally a good year. So hopefully 2010 will only get better, but I hope I didn’t jinx myself by saying that. Ok, 2010 can be just as good as 2009, it doesn’t need to get better. There, did I un-jinx myself?

Cats are going wicked nuts right now. They tend to do that when I get up. Like, mom’s up!!! Yay!!!! We don’t have to be quiet!!!!

I have that too much sleep headache. Just a little one. Coffee is slwoly taking care of that. It’s like my body is going, you are 2 to 3 hours late with the coffee. Wtf? At least I’m not hungover, yay! This was my 5th New Year’s Eve sober woo hoo! Oh, if you’re hungover, I always liked mixing Gatoraide with Canada Dry ginger ale. Or of course, the hair of the dog that bit me, but I’d always wait until noon, so the gatoraide and ginger ale combo held me off till then 😉

Anyway, oh holy crap I was about to close this post when timmy and Spinelli came running in and clawed their way up the other couch. I always have to pause, because I never know if I’m about to have a cat jump on me. Ok, back to closing. Happy 2010 everyone!


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14 Responses to Happy New Year!

  1. Happy new year Ro! By the way, I love reading posts like this… reading your whole thought process cracks me up lol.

  2. Ro

    Natalie, I was thinking that as I read the post. I thought, oh good, I think I’m back, hahaha!

  3. Happy New Year, I enjoy reading your blog, and will continue through 2010:)

    Toby’s Trainer

    p.s about Toby’s new year resolutions- I hope to get 20 comments from 20 different blogs,

  4. The blind comedian is Gord Paynter. I’ve actually met him, seems like a pretty nice guy.

    Glad the 2 of us could help you out yesterday. If ever you need us you know where we are.

    Thanks for thinking of me by the way, I laughed when I looked at the email this morning and saw your hangover curing tip. Fortunately I don’t need it today, but I’ll have to remember it for when I’m not so lucky, which could quite possibly be tomorrow or Sunday lol. I’m watching hockey and have begun hitting the booze right now, and there are still some phone calls to make so things could get ugly hahaha.

  5. Ro

    Toby, you need some really talkative bloggers to follow you hehe!

    Steve, thanks I’m gonna look that guy up. Are you watching the game at Fenway? The Fliers are B’s team. He’s freaking out because apparently hockey looks incredible on the high def, and it’s snowing for the outdoor game.

  6. Yeah that’s the game I’m watching. The outdoor games are a lot of fun, and this year I get to watch it without fear of box of rocks breaking the TV!

  7. Ro

    I can’t even begin to imagine a hockey game on a baseball field. I didn’t get into baseball until I went blind, so I can’t even picture Fenway. I know it’s making me miss baseball though lol.

  8. A lot of newer stadiums are built multi-purpose now so it’s a bit simpler to transform a football field or a ball diamond into a rink, but I imagine that this must’ve been not the easiest thing in the world.

    I miss baseball too even though I’m a Jays fan. Once baseball gets here I know that the end of winter can’t be too far behind.

  9. Ro

    B is a Jays fan too. That sucks about Haliday. Been interesting to see all the trades. I think my Angels really screwed themselves, but time will tell. The thing about baseball here is it signifies the heat. But, I’m hoping to go to Colorado this year if the Rockies play the Cubs at a good time for me to go.

  10. I never got around to blogging about it, but maybe I will when I decide the writing holiday is over. the Doc trade isn’t as bad as it looks on the surface. If the Jays are going to rebuild they need prospects. It would have been nice had we gotten Cliff Lee instead of the Mariners since he would have been a nice replacement for arguably the best pitcher in Jays’ history, but these kinds of things are never as easy as they look from the outside. Yeah we gave up our Ace and $6 million for what looks like dick all, but when you think about it, we won’t know if the trade was a success or a failure for at least 3 or 4 years. Who knows, once these guys mature we might have the next player of a generation on our hands and everybody will be saying Roy who?

  11. Hey pretty lady! I am glad that I could suggest some good comedy for ya. I really liked that Robin Williams show. My favorite though was his Live on Broadway bit. Totally hilarious. I will see if I can think up any new bits for you and some other comedians for ya!

  12. Ro

    It was such a blast. Totally unplanned. B noticed that it had just started so we settled in to watch. He had a hard time though because any major laughing sent him into a coughing fit. So he ended up expressing his enjoyment with these little half laughs hahaha!!! It was great!

  13. Aww Ro. Glad I could start your day off with some good stuff. And glad we could blow off some steam. Yup, you know how to find us.

    I knew I had the dude’s name wrong, but I was a lazy shmuck and didn’t look it up. I saw him at a comedy show and laughed my head off. go Steve for finding the right spelling.

  14. Ro

    I’m gonna see if I can find him on youtube. I had forgotten to look. I’m gonna do that now haha!

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