Happy Birthday Carin!

For you, me dear friend!


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  1. Wow! What a birthday extravaganza! A serenade, an email, a text, wishes on the email list, and a comment on my blog! You know how to make me feel special! I feel bad I could only tell Steve to email you cause I was stuck in a car on your birthday. You’re awesome.

  2. Ro

    Oh but the fact that you had Steve email me meant so much!

    And I’m so glad I just got your comment. And right as I went to reply, Carrie Underwood sang the National Anthem. I need that. I just got done sobbing because iTunes dumped my entire library. So, it was really great to have two things to make me smile, you and Carrie *weak smile*

  3. Blech! Are you serious? Why? Who to the what now?

  4. Ro

    Oh I’m pretty sure it was user error since it was all different and it confused me. I’ve turned it over and will look at it tomorrow.

    I’m just glad I got to sing you a song hehehehe!

    How is your day so far? Still playing with the phone? Hey, what if I did a sound file talking to Trixie hahaha!

  5. That would be pretty cute.

    Steve came home, so that was awesome. Yes, playing with the phone. Contacts are ported over, calendar is ported over, my homemade ringtones are ported over, the t9 file is moved. I’m about to see if my mission was successful. Herm. It didn’t look too successful but I’m about to know for sure. Boo! That didn’t work. But everything else did, so oh well. Bluetooth is fun. Watching your files go wingy dingy between phones is neat.

  6. Man I hope you get your music back. I feel your pain. I’ve got a huge bunch of music on the computer and I’d flip my damn lid if anything happened to it. I remember a few years ago my hard drive failed and I lost a bunch of it…it was a lot less to lose then and I still wanted to harm things.

    Oh, and happy birthday to Carin yet again. Glad I could make it home for the last part of the day. by the way, I know what the shoe thief’s surprise for you is and I’m not telling.

  7. Ro

    Haha nice bluetooth transfering hehe. I’ve never done any of that kind of stuff with phones. I’m impressed! I’m so glad Steve made it home! This last comment of yours sounds more like you. Maybe you were distracted by the phone most of the day, but you didn’t sound like you and now you do lol.

    Yeah, all the music is still there. I effed up and now iTunes isn’t talking to the library. I will get it figured out, I was just freaking out yesterday because there’s still stuff I need to put on the iPod before my trip. But I think it’ll be fine. It really was user error this time, sort of.

  8. Aww. Well, I was kinda feeling sad because stuff was nagging me, like cleaning out the sink after the sink-back-up fiasco, but then another pipe burst so they had to turn off the water to the whole building, so I couldn’t do that. Plus it was bleh outside and I was alone and Huppy’s mom didn’t call for a bunch of the day, and when I finally got a hold of her, I could just tell she didn’t really want to do something, so meh. Then I got distracted by an old scary movie. Never watch “Play Misty For Me” when you’re all alone and you have an imagination like mine. That’s some nastiness right there. So it was good to have Steve back home. The house didn’t seem so quiet and dead.

  9. Ro

    Yeah I kinda figured you were pretty bummed most of the day. And since I kept hearing from you, I knew Huppy’s mom was slackin. I would have been there with bells on to hang out grrr hehe!

    Glad things ended well though. I can’t do scary movies anymore, movies in general, really.

  10. Not even described ones? Although I actually watched a movie that was described badly, so the description overlapped with important dialog. They must have been still learning how to describe when they did this one. But “Play Misty For Me” was well-done I thought.

    And you have quite the heap of help waiting for you on macvisionaries. The gurus are hoppin’.

  11. Ro

    I haven’t seen any descriptive movies yet. That will be nice, maybe I’ll like movies again lol.

    Yeah I was just there. I’m not necessarily liking their solutions. It’s getting the juices flowing in my own brain though. I’m going to call Apple today too, but I wanted to be clear about what happened before I call them.

  12. Well gee I thought all the comments were wishing Carin a Happy Birthday!

    Allow me to chime in and wish Carin a most glorious and special day filled with love and hugs! (yes steve, hug her to bits!) 🙂

    Have a wonderful birthday!!!

    Jnoi *smile*

  13. Ro

    Yeah, I was starting to wonder if something was wrong with my comments haha! Comments have been slow lately. Guess folks are busy 😉

  14. Hahah Jnoi, I wish I was that popular. Well thanks for the birthday wishes.

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