Hanging with Ro Episode Ten – TRX Time

This is for those who asked me to get audio of the TRX. This is not instructional audio. Do not take this as instructional. I was shown this by a trainer. This is not instructional. Do not attempt this at home, etc etc etc. Ah, don’t you love a sue happy society?

There’s a couple loud ouch moments. Hope this makes a little sense. I didn’t plan it haha! Do I plan any of these? Not really.

For more info about TRX, click here.

Direct youtube link


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2 Responses to Hanging with Ro Episode Ten – TRX Time

  1. So if I understand you correctly, this is not instructional audio. Correct?

  2. Ro

    Correct. Also, this audio may not be broadcast to large audiences, copied or sold or reproduced or disseminated etc etc etc without the express written consent of me.

    Oh wait, it’s on youtube. Ok forget all that.

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