Hanging with Ro Episode Four – Audio/Video in two parts – Canadian Bells

This was totally impromptu, and had to be done after the knock on my door today. It ended up being in two parts, the first just audio and the second with video. I’m scattered in the video because my headache flared up haha. Need coffee!

I’ll let the videos speak for themselves! Thanks, Carin and Steve!

Direct link to youtube audio 1

Direct link to youtube Video 2


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3 Responses to Hanging with Ro Episode Four – Audio/Video in two parts – Canadian Bells

  1. You’re right, the stuff on some of the bells is a frosted glitter.

    You are also correct that neither of us made it. It was something we found while we were out Christmas shopping and figured would be perfect considering the recent bell craze.

    Glad you’re liking it.

  2. Aww. That made my day watching you open that. I’m glad you love it. I was meaning to email you and let you know it was coming. I felt like such a shlub not sending you an email to go with it. I didn’t do any Braille this year because I knew last year’s Braille wasn’t as fun as I’d planned. But I’m so happy you like it!

    Damn box! The postal lady said it was the only box that would fit the wreath lol!

    I’m so happy you like the bells and they made the journey safely!

  3. Ro

    Actually it was quite nice not tracking a package and wondering daily if I had gotten it yet hehe! The post lady had fun delivering it, too. She’s really nice and said it was nice to see me and laughed when I heward the bells and figured out what it was after she said the box said it was a Christmas wreath. It’s so cool! I just love it!

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