Hanging With Ro Episode 7 – Baseball among other things

It was decided last night that another episode would be recorded today since Morgan wanted to give me ideas and she didn’t have school today. Sooo, I started recording before I was fully awake because I didn’t know what the day would bring and I wanted to get it done. It got interrupted before I covered everything I wanted, so there might be a 7.2 episode later, depending on things.

Topics include:

*Morgan’s blog post.

*Baseball, baseball, are you excited about baseball, baseball and baseball.

*Rays FanFest and calls from people like players named Sean Rodriguez.

*Twitter stuff, bombarding followers with giddy goofiness

*Is today the day after the president’s day holiday?

Of course there’s more and of corse Evan Longoria’s name was mentioned. I think even if you’re not a baseball nut, this is still a fun one.

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