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Ah, Tuesday. Tuesdays and Thursdays are my days to get stuff done, because I don’t have anything scheduled. I couldn’t do my usual phone conversation with Georgie this morning, because she’s starting her volunteer hours for teaching. So I actually got completely caught up with emails and blogs. I tracked my final UPS shipment, and it’s out for delivery today, yay! I decided to tackle the hanging of the photographs for my bathroom redecoration project.

When Carol opened up the pictures when they came on Friday, she described these little eye hooks on the back. I’m sooo glad she was here, because she said something like, oh little eye hooks for picture wire. I would have had quite the struggle if I’d gotten them on my own, because I wouldn’t have known that, never having had nice picture frames. So I probably would have tried to light up 2 nails or some horrific thing, or just tried to hang the picture from the frame itself. That would have been disaster. I’ve always hung my own pictures and such, but I’ve never done it blind.

So originally I was going to string black yarn through those little hooks, but I was concerned about getting it tied securely or having the yarn eventually rot and break. This morning I remembered this wire that I had. Two Thanksgivings ago, I made a wreath for the window decoration I was making for the meeting place. I had done the window the previous year, and wondered how I’d do it blind, so I crocheted curtains in fall colors, and made a wreath out of fall colored leaves. I had gotten wire to construct the wreath, and I still had a ton of it. But I wondered if it was in the place where it logically would go.

You know how you keep certain things with other certain things, like craft supplies or what not? I’m usually pretty good at that, but I’ve been known to find something somewhere and go, oh…that’s where I put that. That was a dumb place for it. So I was worried I had done that with the wire, but my head must have been screwed on straight when I used it last, and it was right where it should be.

So I put the wire through the hooks and left plenty to wrap around and around and around itself so it was sturdy. I did the picture of Willow first. Now, how to determine where to put the nail…

I took the picture into the bathroom and held it up where I wanted it, above the towel rack. I stood there for a minute, memorizing how high my hand was. Then I put the picture down. Then I put one hand on either side of the towel bar, drew them together and lifted straight up. Oh! There’s the nail where that one picture was, the one I broke. I had put that nail up when I could see, so I knew it was fairly center. I raised up farther to where my hand had been with the picture, and pounded in the nail.

Then I hung the picture. Now to tell if it’s straight. Hmmm. Can’t eyeball this. But, luckily, where I chose to hang it, the shower tiles were about 5 inches to the left. Something straight. So I put my right hand on the side of the frame, and ran my pinky of the left hand along the shower tile, and the thumb along the frame. My fingers widened towards the bottom of the frame, so I knew I had to adjust it. I did this a few times, and now it feels like it’s gotta be straight. I wonder if it is hahaha!!

I did the same thing with the crochet project picture, on top of the opposing towel bar. This time there was no nail. But I found my spot and started pounding. I happened to pick the spot where a stud is. So the nail did not want to go very far. I resigned myself to hanging the picture in a different spot, but when I tried to remove the nail, it wouldn’t budge. So I figure the picture can still hang there haha!!

So, that’s how I hung my pictures. I wonder if there are other tips for hanging pictures blind? I can’t wait to have a sightie take a look 😉 I know they aren’t perfectly centered over the towel bars, but that’s ok. I wanted to hang them, not someone else. My bathroom, my pictures. Man, I am stubborn haha!!


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5 Responses to Hanging pictures

  1. Hey cool! I bet they are straight, that sounds like it was a very good method.

  2. L^2

    Yay, glad you got them hung up yourself, and it sounds like you came up with a good method for accomplishing it.

  3. Ro

    B looked at them last night, and the crochet one was slightly crooked so he fixed it, but he said it wasn’t badly crooked at all, and the one of Willow was perfectly straight. Sweet!! Now I’m still thinking about that braille book picture and where I could put it lol!

  4. Hanging pictures is such a challenge for me, and I don’t have vision problems (that aren’t resolved by glasses). I think it’s a matter of patience and planning … and nervousness about hammers around my kids.

  5. Ro

    I actually use an old railroad tie for a hammer. I used to use it before because I never had a hammer, and I find now that I’m blind, that I have more control over hitting the nail using the railroad tie. Works like a charm! But I understand flying hammers and children, yikes!

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