Guess that blogger

The screen reader reads everything from left to right, one item at a time. So there’s no quick motion of the eye to get the full picture. When I read the reading list, the title of the blog post comes up first, followed by the name of the blog.

I love playing “guess the blogger”. Sometimes I can tell instantly who wrote the blog, just by the title. Its a fun game. You should try it.

I’m going to try the cool link here in the following paragraph.

I can almost instantly tell when a post was written by Vomit Comet

Ok we’ll see if that worked. I’ve wanted to plug Vomit Comet for awhile now, because on days like today, where I’m feeling blue, I can always count on them for comedic relief. They tell current event stories, post funny videos or talk about blind related stuff in a funny way, which of course is very appealing to me.

In fact I leaned heavily on them for about an hour today so I could actually smile.

I’m rarely wrong when I guess the blogger as Vomit Comet 😉

Crap, did I even spell their blog right?


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8 Responses to Guess that blogger

  1. R

    Holy shnickeys the cool link finally worked. Most excellent.

  2. That is the second time today I saw that name Vomit Comet, I’m going to check them out!

  3. R

    Oh yeah? guess I wasn’t the only one who wanted to plug them 🙂

    I think they’re great. I love the sarcasm. I got all up in arms once on a “sensitive” day and thought they were jerks tee hee. But we kissed and made up 😉

  4. You spelled it right.

    Thanks for the plug, I’m glad you like us. I guess somebody had to sooner or later hahaha.

  5. Let’s try that again. Because I wasn’t signed in, your comment-editor had a nice meal. Yum yum slurp gulp.

    Aww. Big sappy tears are rolling down my face. I’m glad I could make you smile. And I’m glad you like our stuff. Thanks for the plug, and you’re a better man than I for making that link-making thingy doodle work. I’m an old lady and write code.

    And yup you got our name right. I love reading your stuff too. And wow, we’re famous! Someone else plugged us! Yea!

  6. R

    Haha Karen thanks for feeding my comment editor. It was getting really hungry since I figured out how to make it stop eating mine.

    Tears karen? Wow lol. When I first got plugged it was on your blog but I don’t think I cried 😉

    Steve, I’m sure lots of people like you.

    Hey question for both of you, I never leave my email in comments so I can’t subscribe, because I don’t want my email published. Does it show email?

  7. I can see them because I administrate our comments, but it shouldn’t show up for the public at large. Lots of people leave their emails when they comment, so feel free. Carin and I aren’t going to spam you, and the subscription option is handy.

  8. R

    Oh I know, I always subscribe to comments. When I commented before, I left the window up and just hit reload lol.

    Fear of email is now eliminated 😉

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