Gone with the flab and the fan and the spoon thief

I haven’t blogged in a week and I never called for Sparks this week, oops! Can’t really say I’ve been busy, more just getting back into the swing of life after January just about killed me physically and emotionally lol.

I’ve finally felt like myself this week and the weather has been beautiful, so we’re actually getting out every day which has been awesome. I also finally managed a three workout week last week. I think I was gonna start doing that months ago? Not sure. But things kept happening and if I made it to my home gym on Friday, I would have missed a Saavi workout earlier in the week, or gone to Saavi and missed Friday or whatever. Glenn says that three workouts a week is really optimal and I’m really pushing for it, since all I have left to lose is my pesky belly flab. Soooo hard in that area, I gotta tell ya. I do three sets of fifty five decline sit-ups at Saavi and the torso twist machine and my abs are strong and tight, but my love of food makes it hard to shed that last bit of flab tee hee! I also notice those do wonders for my lower abs, but my upper abs have been really hard to target. When I do my home workout, I do sit-ups on the floor with my feet under the treadmill and I really noticed on Friday that the way I did them really seemed to target my upper abs, so yay! Cardio is really what’s loosing the flab, so now I’m just working on tightening that area. Georgie says it’s too late because I’m too old. So I’m going to prove her wrong!

Nothing much else going on except it’ll be one year for Jayden and me on the seventeenth. Wow! We’ll be going to the vet for his checkup and also to the self grooming place for a bath. Not on our anniversary, but this month lol. I haven’t heard from GDB about the one year visit, but I’m sure that’ll be in the works, probably in March since March seventh will be a year since he’s been home. It’s so hard to believe it’s been a year!

Spring is definitely coming. Yesterday we almost put the A/C on, ugh. I noticed that where I’ve moved my computer is going to be hot in the summer, so I found one of those little fans with a clip to put by the computer. I love Amazon lol!

Oh, how about a public service announcement here at the Roof. A friend of mine woke up to the smell of smoke and found flames in her bathroom. The fire department was called and the fire inspector said he doesn’t know how many fires he’s seen started from those bathroom fans. What?

She was using the fan for white noise, and those fans aren’t meant to run for long periods of time. Eek! I’ve been using the fan in our master bath for white noise! I stopped that as soon as I found out about her fire and I ordered a white noise machine on Amazon. I need it to drown out B’s music at night. He doesn’t play it really loud, but it’s enough that when I’m reading at night, I hear it. He plays rock and heavy metal, so you can imagine the annoying sounds of indiscernible guitar. Ugh. Can’t wait for my noise machine haha!

Speaking of books, I just finished ‘Gone with the Wind’. Oh. My. Goodness. If you’ve seen the movie and liked it, you’ll love the book. Wow. Just wow. It’s totally timeless, while being set in the Civil War, the coming of age story is still so relevant to today. Incredible, incredible book.

I like that it was long, too. It took me about twenty two nights to read it. Definitely a money saver. The next long book I’m going to start tonight is ‘War and Peace’. That outta be interesting.

That’s really it for now. Just wanted to toss up a post since it’s been awhile. We’re going to Gamma’s today. Ice and banana! Jay’s favorite!


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  1. Glad to know things are still ok over there. I’m doing my happy dance, its supposed to be in the 70s through at least Thursday this week! I’m really tired of the cold and hope there is no more snow or ice left in our future. That just isn’t normal for Texas! Well, have a good day and stay safe!

  2. Ro

    We had unseasonably cold weather too, but I’m sad to see it go because it means the heat is coming. But, it also means baseball is coming, so there’s my silver lining. 😉

  3. Jen

    Good to know your getting back to your normal self again. Can’t believe you have Jaden for a year already!

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