God’s new interpreter

I’m just so proud of my friend Lish that I asked if I could blog about this. Yesterday, she interpreted a church service for a deaf couple. She’s still in school learning ASL, so it was a really big deal for her to tackle such a huge thing. I had to think about when I watched ‘Avatar’ recently. It was my first movie with descriptive video and it was incredible to have everything described. I don’t think Lish realizes just how awesome it is to be included and have something accessible. I’m sure she has an inkling, but what an amazing service to help those parishioners worship.


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  1. Anonymous

    Hi Ro,

    There are hundreds of DVS movies here:


    I ‘watched’ Little Miss Sunshine last night.


  2. Ro

    Wow…..I just checked it out. Wow. I hope it works with Mac, but since it’s just mp3 downloads, it should. Wow…

  3. Agree – think it is incredible those who are able to interpret. I took a sign language course in college (before blindness) and struggled to learn it. Congrats to your friend.

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