Goalball and lightening

Last week I was talking with Lisa about possibly joining the local Goalball team. It starts next month. Hopefully they have enough interested women this year. Guys and girls practice together, but last year only the men got to compete because they had enough players.

So after the workout today I asked to see a goalball. She got one out and handed it to me. It’s heavy! It’s about the size of a basketball and it’s got bells inside.

She showed me the defending position. You actually fall over on your hip and stretch completely out, so yu’re laying on your side with your body kinda in an arc position, with your arm up over your face. She rolled a ball at me slowly to show me how my body would catch it. So basically you hear it coming at you and dive. Once you have the ball, you have ten seconds to throw it and try to score a goal against the other defenders.

To throw it, you get up quickly and roll it like you’re bowling. Thing is, there are no holes, so you have to palm the ball and do it fast enough that you use centrifical force to keep it in your hand. We tried having me throw it at her and she was pretty impressed with my throws.

It’s going to be fun! She seems to think I’ll be good, just from the little she saw today. We’re gonna play around some more on Wednesday. I’ll wear lots of padding and stuff and I’ll need to get clothes that cover most of my skin, as that ball is hard and rough.

We’ll see how it goes with the MS. Now that I’ve been home awhile, I’m seriously dragging. So I hope that little bit wasn’t too much.

Last night we had some pretty crazy storms. I took Jayden out about 8:30 and thought I actually saw a lightening flash. So when I came in, I stood at the screen and told B I thought I was seeing lightening. He came up to the door and I would say “there!” when I caught a flash and he kept saying, yep, yep. I was seeing lightening. Now, I’ve never tried looking for lightening before, so I don’t know if I’ve always had that ability since going blind. It was sooo awesome though! I just parked it on the floor by the door and watched the flashes. Some were so bright I actually jumped.

I really doubt I’d ever get anything useful back. I’ve always had the ability to notice a sudden light change, like if the room is dark and the light goes on, I’d notice it, sometimes. And I can tell the difference between light and dark clothing when they are next to each other. Lately though it seems like the contrast is a little sharper, and Timmy’s patterning, being a black and white cat, has been more noticeable.

With optic neuritis, vision tends to come back in a few months, a little muted. It’s been four years for my right eye and over two for my left, so I seriously doubt I’d ever get much more back. But it’s certainly odd to notice some improvement. Or maybe I just got so used to being blind, I quit trying to see. So maybe it’s the same non vision I’ve always had but now I notice it more? Who knows. Like I said, it’s nothing useful, can’t use it to navigate or anything, but it’s cool to watch lightening. 😉

Ok wow. Total spoon attack. Damn fatigue. I hate you haha.


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  1. I saw some hardcore Goalball players play. Once I heard a squeak. I asked someone what that was, and they said, “that’s someone diving for the ball!” Youch! That’s quite the slide.

    I wish I’d been able to play more. I wasn’t uber good at it, but it was fun.

  2. How fun that you are playing goalball — haven’t ever but really, really want to.

  3. Ro

    Yeah when Lisa showed me the defending position I was like damn. Gotta dive into that position quickly and when you get the ball, you have ten seconds to shoot. My right shoulder is sore today, just from throwing. She said I actually throw well, which is good. Those balls aren’t light. After I threw it at her she was like damn, maybe you should try out for the national team hahaha!

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