Go Cubs Gooooh wait, they weren’t at Wrigley

Today was opening day for everyone except for the Yankees and Red Sox fans, who began their season last night. The rest of us didn’t care, and so today was opening day in the true sense of the words.

I had totally forgotten. Bad baseball fan, bad bad! I got home from my workout and finally remembered to check my text messages and there was a text from ESPN telling me the Cubs had just hit a three run homer! Oh right! Baseball! Thank you ESPN for remembering to text me even though I haven’t talked to you since the start of last season.

So I pulled up Gameday audio and listened to the game, after forwarding the text to B. He hasn’t signed up for his text alerts yet. Guess whoever he goes through isn’t cool like ESPN. So I kept forwarding the text to him. Until all I was forwarding were freakin Braves runs. I finally quit sending them to him when the score was 8-5. Final score? 16-5. Way to start the season off well.

In other news, the Jays lost, which I was actually a little sad about, since they’re B’s team, and Steve’s team. But, they are in the same division as my Rays, so I wasn’t too sad. B’s dad’s team also lost, the Reds. Was anyone happy in baseball land today? I mean, my friends? 😉

The Angels play tonight, so we’ll see how that goes.

But what I’m really waiting for are the Rays of Tampa Bay. I know I’ve explained this before, but it’s been awhile. So, to refresh you on my baseballdom, for those who care, The Tampa Bay Rays are my number one team. I was never a baseball fan until I went blind. B always had it on, and before I knew it, I had fallen in love with the Rays story. They had been the worst team in baseball until they got Joe Maddon and he dropped the devil from the name. After that, they started winning, and went on to face the Philadelphia Phillies in the World Series, only to lose. Last year they didn’t come close. But I love them anyway. Especially third baseman Evan Longoria 😉

B had told me I needed three teams. Why? So you have a better chance of a team doing well, you just need three teams, pick three teams. Ok. So I picked the Cubs because my family is from Chicago so they would always talk about, are the Cubbies gonna win this year? So it was kind of default that I go for them. Even before I was a baseball fan, I enjoyed it when the Cubs played.

Then B kept asking who my third team would be. Diomondbacks? No. Why not? I need an emotional draw to care. So at the start of last season, the Angels lost a young pitcher in a drunk driving accident, as he left the park after a really good game. He was t-boned and he and two other passengers died. The Angels became my third team.

B and I went to an Angels/Dbakcs game last year during interleague play and it was soooo cool! They won of course. I’ve thought about going to Colorado this summer to visit Chupa when a team I like is playing the Rockies. We’ll see if I do that.

So, you’ll probably be seeing baseball blogs now. And maybe the Cubs will win when they get back to Wrigley.

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