“Ghost in the Wires: My Adventures as the World’s Most Wanted hacker”” by Kevin Mitnick and William L. Simon – narrated by Ray Porter

This was another Audible Daily Deal. I tell ya, those daily deals have introduced me to some fantastic listens! In the tweet about the deal, they mentioned Kevin Mitnick’s Twitter account and I followed him right away. He’s a fun follow if you’re into hacking jokes and geeky stuff.

When I finished “The Godfather” I thought, what on earth can follow that? I decided anything I read after that would be a letdown so I figured Ray Porter doing some non-fiction was a safe bet. Was I pleasantly surprised! The book begins with a forward from The Woz ! After I finished the book I went back and listened to the forward again since the first time I heard it, I didn’t know The Woz wrote it. Also at the end of the book, I had a full fledged crush on Kevin Mitnick. Sorry B. And Josh Groban.

What a talent this guy is! What a brain he has! I mean the stuff he pulled off in his illustrious hacking career read like an action packed suspense novel, not a life story. this guy was hacking the city busses when he was a kid and grew up to hack companies like Motorola!

He used a blend of social engineering and computer skills to accomplish his goals. What exactly were his goals? To extort millions? To steal coveted software for his own personal gains? To get girls? Nope. He did it just for the challenge of it. Not for the girls. So I guess I’m weird.

Kevin Mitnick was a very well known name in the nineties but that was when I was a distracted teen so I don’t remember him. After I finished the book I went on an internet stalking spree, finding everything I could on the guy, listening to interviews with him, talks he’s given. After he did some prison time he became one of the most sought after security consultants on the planet. His story is truly remarkable.

Free Kevin!

Rating: Marriage Material

PS – Did you know you can whistle into a phone and launch a nuclear war? Bwah ha ha!

“Ghost in the Wires” at Audible ~ “Ghost in the Wires” at Amazon

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