Geek Alert! Microsoft vs. Apple in commitment to accessibility

I went searching on youtube to try and find a good video of my screen reader, Alex, speaking. I didn’t find that. What I did find, was a video of a guy talking about the iPod Touch and Voiceover. There are no clips of voiceover on it, and the touch doesn’t have enough capacity to run Alex, so it would have been a female voice anyway. So this here, is the video about the Touch.

I love this guy, he’s a total geek! Like me!

So then I found this wonderful video, where he talksabout Microsoft vs. Apple and dedication to accessibility. I love it! Some of his facts are wrong, like how to turn on Voiceover, he says you need a sightie, which you don’t.

I just wanted to share, because I think this guy is great. I really wish I knew how I could get a recording of Alex. Hmmm….


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  1. I’m not sure what recording software will run well on your setup, but if you do get a recording and want to share it with everyone, send it to either Carin or I and we’ll gladly donate you some server space and send you an upload link to put on your blog.

  2. R

    Oh sweet thank you! I don’t have the first clue in how I’d get a recording. I need to look into that.

  3. I wonder if there’s an Alex emulator out there?

  4. R

    I have absolutely no idea. I’ve found nothing good in finding a way to show my friends Alex.

  5. here’s Alex. Actually it’s a whole page about voiceover, but there are some nice alex mp3’s you can click on.

  6. R

    Oh this is great!!! Thank you!!! Now I can post a link to this page when people ask about Alex. though it doesn’t do him justice, since he’s not reading funny stuff or saying meow croissant shhh hmmm mmm hahahahahaha

  7. I have captured those words, so if I ever find an Alex emulator, they’re goin’ in.

  8. another recommendation to demo alex is to point people to 2 podcasts. “the screenless switchers” and the “maccessibility round table”. Bot of these are available on itunes and they sometimes feature VoiceOver in action. You yourself could make a video demoing it as well using a video camera or a recorder. I really like finding fellow blind mac users.

  9. R

    Oh I know, we’re rare eh?

    I wish there was a place where people could type and hear Alex read it back. Everyone wants to hear Alex say “wassup” and “meow” and “shh” and “croissant” haha!

    I’m going to make a post soon with Karen’s link, and the podcasts, thanks!!

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