Geek alert – I thought I loved Apple before…

Below is an email I received from the ACB list. Wow. Let me know if I need to convert URLs included in the message to links.


“If they keep this up, I’ll be a Mac user before long, at least for home use! — {Email lister}

The National Center for Accessible Media at WGBH has created guidelines for
content providers who would like to create accessible iTunes U media via
captions, subtitles and audio descriptions. This guidelines document
provides step-by-step documentation on creating fully accessible media,

? Closed captions and audio descriptions that the user can turn on or off as
? Open subtitles and descriptions that are available to everyone watching or
? Closed subtitles for adding multiple language tracks to video files.
? Accessible PDFs.

Also included with the guidelines are links to eight video and audio clips
that illustrate the various forms of accessible media discussed in the
document. Using these guidelines, iTunes U content providers can create
content that all people can learn from including people with vision and
hearing loss.

To access the Creating Accessible iTunes U Content guidelines document and
related media, see Creating Accessible iTunes U Content
0579900> .

VICUG-L is the Visually Impaired Computer User Group List.
Archived on the World Wide Web at


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  1. Herm. The link for iTunes U only says 0579900. Don’t know what that means.

  2. R

    Oh geez. I didn’t notice that. Hmmm. I just copied and pasted the email. uhhh. Hmmm. I don’t know what it means either….

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