Funny phone call

I got a phone call today from Saavi, telling me my name on the waiting list for adjustment to blindness counseling came up and did I still want services.


I called back and spoke with the new counselor who I’ve met while working out. He answered the phone, I said hello and told him I just had to laugh. He laughed too and I think it was a little awkward for him to call, but he had to since he’s getting through the long waiting list for services. He knows from our chats at Saavi that I am quite adjusted so I’m sure it was funny for him to have to call me.

Think Saavi is a little busy? Um yeah. Most of their waiting lists are long, unless it’s like for O & M that is so very necessary for the blind and visually impaired. It’s hard on them, being a non-profit, getting government funding. I’m glad I don’t have to take that spot away from someone who does need counseling. Hopefully with this new staff member, things will start to move a little more quickly.

Isn’t that funny though??? Anyone think I need counseling for adjustment to blindness? In fact, I think I’d make a damn good peer counselor. 😉


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  1. Jen

    Hahaha, do you remember when you applied?

  2. Ro

    It was either November of 08 or early in 09. I can’t remember. I do know that when I got into Saavi, their intake coordinator at the time was having some problems, so a lot of stuff got jumbled. And they are just trying to sserve soooooo many people. Sad thing is, there’s probably people who are on that list that never figured out how to adjust on their own, you know?

  3. You’d be an amazing peer counselor!

  4. Do they have a peer counseling program? If they don’t, sounds like a great way to speed up services!

  5. There ya go Ro. Tell them you’d like to be a peer counselor. 🙂 You’d be awesome and inspiring to those who need to learn to adjust to being blind.
    What can I say, you’re just awesome! 🙂


  6. Ro

    They don’t have a peer counseling program. I’m thinking I might have to bring it up. It could definitely help with that waiting list, and they wouldn’t have to pay someone like me as much as trying to get another counseler with a degree. Sooo, who knows. Maybe I’ll find a way to create a part time job there for me? Hmmm.

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