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Ah today has been fab so far. B went to work and I was feeling fine. I think it almost becomes psychosomatic when he’s sick. Like I think I will be too, because he is. Plus, like I stated yesterday, I suddenly got so inactive, and that really takes a toll on how I’m feeling physically.

So this morning I had my coffee and got caught up on emails and talked to Grandma, and we tried to find a phone number for another place to have Thanksgiving dinner at. We’ve run out of women who can cook. Its just down to me and Grandma, she doesn’t have the energy, and I don’t have the skills quite yet. So we’re trying to find a place to go for Thanksgiving.

I got in the shower early, because they’re working on the water in the complex, and its gonna be shut off from 10am to 2pm. I remembered Sunday night to fill up a water jug so I don’t freak out about afternoon coffee haha!

Carol had called so I called her back, and she has gotten a really cool opportunity for possible part-time work, just like I have. So we talked about that for awhile and again, it was so nice to talk to a human. Then Kevin came over at 11:30 for the meeting, which was so great. It was so good to see him, since he works out of town a lot, and so great to get out and get some sun.

I hadn’t been to the meeting since before I started working out, and everyone I ran in to said how amazing I look. Yay ego boost! And hard work is paying off. I never hear it from B because he sees me every day, so it was great to hear it from people I haven’t seen in awhile.

A few months ago, an incident happened at the meeting, someone shouted at someone else, dropping f-bombs left and right, and it scared the hell outta me. I haven’t been back. Things were deteriorating before that already, so it was kind of the straw that broke the camel’s back. It was at an evening meeting, so I chose a noon meeting where its more calm. One of the people who had been in the fight was there, and said it was good to see me, and I hadn’t been there in awhile.

I spoke my mind. I told him exactly why. I said, when you and that guy had that shouting match, it scared the hell out of me. That is not appropriate for a meeting. That is not ok. He apologized and said he hopes he sees me again, and I said today was a test. I said I won’t be at the evening meeting still, because its gotten rediculous. Its gotten to be the same kind of behavior that goes on in bars, and I didn’t get sober for that. He actually thanked me for telling him.

So I felt good about that. I worked on being assertive in therapy, rather than just letting people behave in ways that are bad, just because I don’t want to hurt their feelings. Progress.

After the meeting, we were getting in Kevin’s truck and this other guy was like, I really admire what you shared in the meeting, and I’ve been watching your journey. How long have you been blind? Without missing a beat, Kevin said,”since she couldn’t see.” Hahaha!!! I love it!

He took me to the grocery store and at checkout was running my card for me, and the clert, who knows him said something like, man he can’t even see, you should see how close his face is to the machine. LOL!! It was just so fun, making blind and sighted jokes all day.

We got some energy drinks, which I only drink every so often these days, because for awhile I drank them all the time and it got ugly. We sat on my front porch and chatted, and it was just so nice!

So now I’m relaxing and getting caught up on blogger before choir tonight. Yay human interaction! 😉


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4 Responses to Fun fun fun

  1. You go get ’em! That’s awesome that you spoke your mind. Sometimes, it’s so hard to just say what’s spinning around in there. Maybe he’ll straighten up. Sounds like a good day.

  2. R

    Thanks! It’ll remain to be seen. He’s soooo angry. I mean angry, angry angry angry. Angry. He can be talking about something good and still frighten you.

  3. Eekers. Should he go take some anger management or something? If he’s that angry angry angry, then that makes you even braver. Awesome.

  4. R

    Honestly, I don’t know what he needs. I think he probably needs some professional help though, for sure. He doesn’t strike me as the kind to hurt a woman though, if I can say anything about him. At least not a woman who’s not close to him. And he respects Kevin, and being with Kevin helped me feel safer. So it worked out well, for sure. I hope he does take it to heart, I really do. I used to feel compassion for him, but now he has to earn that back.

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