I’m totally going to complain in this post because it’s my blog and I’m allowed to.

Sometimes I feel like the last one on everyone’s list of priorities. Like I can be brushed aside or something. I’m really annoyed right now because months ago there was a leak in my bathroom. A piece of the wall needed to be replaced and the repair guy forgot. He had mentioned at the time that it was crazy with the end of the year coming and stuff, so I called last week to remind him of it and let him know about some new stuff that I needed done, like a new shower head since the water here is so hard it ruins stuff. My kitchen sink faucet is also messed up due to the hard water.

He came on Friday and began work on the wall and replaced the shower head. He needed to get a piece of wood cut and the faucet and he said he’d be back Monday, Tuesday at the latest he said.

Today’s Wednesday. He hadn’t come back. I called the office yesterday and left a message. I never heard anything. I called this morning. Repair guy said he’s still waiting on the piece of wood and would be here tomorrow. I told the manager that our oven isn’t working right now either, so he put in a work order for that. So will the repair guy show up today to look at the oven? No idea. I hate not knowing when someone will show up or when something will get accomplished. Yesterday I needed a shower but didn’t know if he was going to show up. He has a key, so that’s a little awkward. I finally just gave up and put the security latch on the door so he wouldn’t be able to get in if he showed up. Now it’s looking like I’ll have at least two more days of this not knowing.

I never have issues with where I live. I absolutely love it here. I think this just hit me today because it’s just another reminder that the only person you can fully rely on is yourself.

I’m also annoyed because I haven’t gone to the gym so I can stay home for this, and I don’t want to begin a workout here only to be intrrupted. It’s like life is on hold. I suppose that’s my own doing, but I have my reasons.

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