From winning to tied to…how would I sleep after that?

The Rays finished off a three game series agains the Angels last night in anaheim. West coast games mean late nights, though I really shouldn’t complain since I live in arizona. Still, wen you are used to 4pm starts, waiting until 7pm is different, and I’m usually in bed before most east coasters.

I left my Twitter friends and took the game to bed with me, listening on my At Bat 11 app on the iPhone. Going into the 8th inning, the Rays held a 3-0 lead. The night had been a pitcher’s duel along with excellent defense; a fun game indeed.

I should say it was fun until the bottom of the 8th when the Angels loaded the bases with no one out. James Shields had pitched a great game, getting out of a few jams before then, with his defense behind him. His night was done at this point however, and I thought for sure Peralta would come into the game.

This was when I wished I was back out on my computer to curse and question with my Twitter friends. Maddon did not bring Peralta in to the bases loaded situation. He gave the ball to Cesar Ramos.

After Maddon put Evan Longoria in the lead off spot to try and bust his slump, I thought Joe was crazy. However, it worked, and I swore I would never question him again.

I’ve tried to stick to that. Last night it just wasn’t possible. As I lay in bed with my hands covering my face, Andy and Dave broadcasting from the tiny speaker on my phone, the crowd cheering and whistling nearly drowning out any words, Ramos gave up a bases clearing hit. Tied at three. My clenched fists hit the mattress.

It was then that Joe brought Peralta in and naturally, he got out of the inning with no more damage. Why, oh why, wasn’t he brought in instead of Ramos? I had to question Joe. I broke my promise.

The game remained tied and went into extras. I was sleepy but wired as I listened, wishing I could tweet. I attempted to tweet by text, however the screen reader on my phone made the game broadcast volume decrease with every letter I typed. The effect made the world seem to move. I was getting sea sick.

In the top of the 10th, John Jaso walked. Evan Longoria came on to pinch hit. Why was Longoria not already in the line up you ask? A searing stomach flue has made its way through the Rays players. Longoria got the worst of it, missing the first two games of the series, losing seven pounds and running a fever over 102 degrees. He was feeling better, after fluids and antibiotics and available to pinch hit.

Dave and Andy described him in the on deck circle, stretching his arms and worry flooded my stomach. Evan Longoria is quite dear to me since he gave me baseball. I will be forever grateful for that man and the entire time he was sick, my heart ached a little. You might think I’m a little weird, and I am, but this is also how a lot of women tend to work. We personalize things and worry about the men in our lives, whether we know them or not. At least I do.

Longoria squeaked out a hit in his pinch hit appearance and I worried about him hustling to first. What if he pulled something? What if he passed out? Andy mimicked my sentiment, though not the dramatic passing out thought.

John Jaso then somehow managed to swipe third. As the play was described my hands went back to my head, sure he was out. But he wasn’t. He was safe. Is the dude psychic? How could he have known the third baseman wouldn’t come up with the ball cleanly? Wow.

Reid Brignac then lay down a bunt and Jaso scored. 4-3 Rays in the top of the 10th.

Andy then said something like, “and Farnsworth takes to the bullpen mound.” It sounded so dramatic. Farnsworth takes to the bullpen mound and all the hopes of the Rays fans are piled on his shoulders. I imagined the scene around him going dark as light glowed around him and then the scene from the Matrix entered my head, the one at the end where Neo flexes his muscles and the atmosphere bends around him. I am not joking here. These are the images that came to mind as I imagined the scene while listening to Andy describe it.

I missed the end of the top of the tenth because the radio station did an emergency alert test. Seriously? Are you serious? Now?

As Farnsworth worked on getting his three outs with a one run lead, I imagined my twitter friends. They would tweet things like, “One kill #Rays” and “come on Farnsworth, finish this” and ” 2 kills #Rays”.

As the last out was announced I could finally breathe. The Rays swept the Angels for the first time, their first sweep of an AL team in California. What a game. How would I sleep? Somehow I did.

The Rays had to fly to Baltimore after that, not arriving until about 9am this morning. They traveled in pajamas as one of Maddon’s theme trips. They are off today and take on the Orioles tomorrow.

I’m sure that stomach bug made it passed security and snuck on board with my boys. I just hope they all took some Airborne.

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