From the Desk of My Sleep Deprived Mind

This is the first time my insomnia has been so bad that I’ve decided to just give in to it and get up. Usually I just lay in bed, listening to the swirling thoughts in my head as the pain in my body competes with my thoughts until I finally drift away. Not this morning though.

I think I’m going on about two hours of sleep. I flipped over at one point, exposing my unplugged ear and B’s music woke me up. He needs music to sleep and it’s been getting louder and louder at night. I finally checked the time after tossing and it was 1:30. I decided to try and get up for a bit. Didn’t the insomnia articles used to suggest getting out of bed? Isn’t that supposed to help?

I often read tweets in the mornings from people who can’t sleep so I thought I’d give it a go. After thirty minutes I tried to sleep again. It was deliciously warm in bed. We’re under a freeze warning so I threw a huge crochet blanket on the bed for added warmth. Unfortunately the monkeys in my brain still would not shut up and eventually the pain reached critical mass and all I could think about was coffee.

I still fought getting out of bed, being about to rise and then thinking against it. My mind would wander some more, like thinking about how the wireless didn’t work yesterday when the weather was rolling in and how Carol fixed it by suggesting I power everything down so it could all come back up together. I imagined the modem and the router being lost in the mist like in Gone with the Wind and they couldn’t find each other.

“Mr. Router? where are you? Mr. Router!”

“Ms. Modem, over here, can you hear me?”

“I hear you, oh Mr. router I hear you but I can’t find you! We can’t go on like this!”

“I know, Ms. Modem, we just have to pray they power us down and back up and finally clear away this mist…”

Yeah, the thoughts in a sleep deprived brain.

What else let around my cranium that is fit for public consumption? Naturally now I can’t remember. There was some really good and creative stuff, too. Oh well.

I finally got up just after 3am after trying to sleep for an hour. The first time I got up, Jayden didn’t budge. I had moved his bed away from the wall so he’d be warmer and he was curled up as close to my bed as he could get. The final time I got up however, He was like, “yeaaaaaaaah! Food! Food! Food!”

Oh honey, no. I’m so sorry but no. Notice it’s dark out? Most times if I wake up earlier than normal, I’ll feed him like always, first thing. But this wasn’t waking up early, this was like why bother having slept in the first place?

It’s now 3:55am. I read Twitter again after getting up for the second time, after making coffee. There were maybe five tweets. One thing I noticed is that both times I tweeted, I instantly got spammed. Do the spammers think sleep people and/or drunks will more easily fall for spam links? I’m sorry, but if you click on spam in Twitter, you deserve your virus.

I did my morning writing. I didn’t do my morning writing yesterday because the broken internet consumed me. Is that why I couldn’t sleep? I process so much in my morning writing. I bet it’s a combination of that and life stuff.

I think the last time I was awake at this hour was when I stayed at the Diner until they opened again after the old Friday night. That was good times. Or when I stayed up all night at the young people’s conference in northern Cali. But those were fun times being awake at this time. Not exhausted and freezing times.

I just had, “no woman, no crime” in my head. Is that how it goes? No woman no crime, no woman no crime! Is that it? Oh lack of sleep delirium, you’re actually somewhat fun now that I’ve had some coffee.

I wonder if this post will yield any good search results. I used to get the funniest search queries back when I wrote a lot about random things.

I had a funny thought when I refilled coffee but it’s gone. I’m conversing with a stranger on Twitter about sparkling vampires. That’s one of the best things about Twitter. Someone I followed retweeted someone who said they had never seen any of the Twilight movies and were proud of it, or something. The person I follow wrote, “double ditto”. So I retweeted and wrote, “triple ditto?” Then the stranger and I continued chatting about Twilight and I had to convince her, him? Not sure, that I’ve never seen the movies because I mentioned the sparkling bit and then we launched in to more possible plot points that probably are not in the plot at all. We haven’t even begun following each other. Sometimes you end up following strangers like this, sometimes you converse briefly and then poof! They’re gone like Keyser Soze.

Do you ever write a name like Keyser Soze and then go Google the spelling? Good thing I did. I had Keyser as Kaiser. One of the spellings had some funny sounding character in Soze though.

How many words have I written in my sleep deprived stupor? Let’s ask my online word count tool since Text Edit doesn’t have a word counter. Oh my! 978 words? Oh dear. Well, if you’ve stuck with me this long, kudos. This is as long as my short stories. Too bad I can’t seem to write fiction lately. That would have been nice to do during these wee morning hours. Instead I’ve written what? Something to bait the searchers? Time will tell. Yes.

Ok, I’ll edit and post and then get back to cleaning up labels on the blog I started last night and then maybe start the daunting task of organizing my documents folder. Good times! Who needs sleep?


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4 Responses to From the Desk of My Sleep Deprived Mind

  1. Hahahaha you made me giggle with your stream of unconsciousness.

    Believe it’s no woman no cry. Isn’t that just plain mean?

    Yeah I wouldn’t have gotten that guy’s name right in a million and one years. Nor that other guy’s name that was on the coffee mug. But I’m too lazy to look it up lol

    I’ve never noticed the spammers coming out crazy like that at night…but then again usually I’m snoring at 3 in the morning.

  2. Ro

    So he’s saying, if you have no woman, you won’t cry? Or is he saying, no woman, don’t cry. No woman, no cry. Hmmm. I’d need to hear the rest in context although I don’t really much care hahaha!

  3. Well don’t I feel like a tool. Yup he’s telling a chick not to cry. lol. Yeah I’m a fail.

  4. Ro

    Is he, did you listen to it?

    Hey don’t feel like a tool. I thought it was no woman no crime. Like, I won’t get busted if I don’t mess with that woman.

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