From the Desk of My Sleep Deprived Mind – Again

Luckily it’s been nearly two months since I last wrote you from this desk. Carol said the last time was really funny. I somehow doubt I’ll manage to be as or more funny since I mentioned it and now the thought at topping myself is in my head. Bullocks.

Last time I had an hour and a half I think to go on, this time, a big ol’ wopping zero in the sleep department! Weeeeeeee! Don’t you love that commercial? I thought it was so annoying when it first came out but now I go weeeee weeeeeeee weeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! right along with it.

Huh? I don’t know.

Right before I decided to splatter a text document with my crazy thoughts I got spammed on Twitter. We members of the Twitter spam army like to retweet, ok computer now you can auto correct that word and I’ll go change it from retreat. Hahaha after I gave the computer permission to correct the word to retreat, I went and checked and it had corrected to “rewet”. What? Um. Really? Well then. Let me just go open a website. No just kidding.

Where was I? Oh yeah. So I got this spam right before I decided to vomit into text edit and it read, with my comment added in the RT:

@Raynaadi Bloody fascinating! RT @{Like I’d leave the username here} @Raynaadi With these help it’s actually so simple to become moving to another internet swarm http://{First rule of spam army, always remove the link}

Don’t you love when someone who speaks a foreign language uses Google translate to spam you? I wonder if some of the tweets the Americans translate into Spanish for the baseball players sound funny.

@{Spanish speaking baseball player} Thought I you pretty game on the beach with the bases. Go #Rays!

Craptastically dumb me, why didn’t I check the time when I started writing this? Ok it’s 4:12am now and I wrote that and chatted with Erik a bit click clack goes the calculator buttons in my head and I’m guessing I started this at 4:06am. That’s what I’m calling it. Calling a time, oh my, that sounds like T.O.D. Look out!

I pause to drink coffee I just brewed after deciding I wouldn’t be going back to bed any time soon. I’ve only had a few sips so no blaming the caffeine for my weirdness ok? Deal? Ok.

Just chatted with Erik quite a bit. He’s moving to Baltimore for his swanky new job. Orioles/Rays anyone? Yeah that’s what I’m talking bout bra. Yes, I called you bra. That’s what all the cool guys say. Except they aren’t cool. And I’m not a guy. I wear a bra because I’m a girl and I’m not talking about wearing guys who’s friends are calling them bra.

Haha I just read the last sleep deprived post. At the end I think I might organize my documents. That didn’t happen. I did that last week haha! It also mentions looking at the stat counter to see if the post would yield any good search results. I haven’t checked that either. I’m not going to o that now. Maybe later. So, next sleep deprived Ro, when you read this, did I check the counter?

I also mentioned the Twitter conversation about sparkling vampires with a stranger and how we hadn’t followed each other. We did start following each other and I chatted with her briefly this morning. You just have to love Twitter. I know I do. Where else can you tweet about baseball and coffee and sparkling vampires and flybys and SEO and gold bikinis and the word horngry? Oh and purple.

In the other post I looked at word count. I should check this one. Drum roll? 673 it says. We’re not even close to the last post. Great. Now I need to think of more slush to write. Maybe I’ll proof read and see if I care to edit.

Went through and drank coffee and talked to Erik and checked Twitter. When I first got up at like 1:45 no one was up but my friend Aaron was up so we chatted and I checked some things on his site and then the east coast started waking up and people started tweeting and Erik got online so I’ve been entertained. I was just about to start reading when people started showing up to talk to. Then I decided to upchuck all over my blog.

Jayden got up as soon as I came out. Well not as soon as, but he came out when he heard the keyboard. It’s the Pavlovian keyboard. It means mom is on the couch.

I wonder if I didn’t sleep because I was too lazy this week. I probably shouldn’t try and understand why I didn’t sleep. It happens.

It’s now 5:47am. The east coasters and Canada have started to wake up so there’s been more chatting on Twitter. I almost forgot to mention here that pain isn’t what kept me up. It was in the last insomnia post, but not now. The med I’m on is really doing the trick as far as pain is concerned.

I saw my doc on Saturday night. At Joe’s Crab Shack. She stopped by the table to say hi. I had to restrain myself from asking if she’ll mail a lab sheet since she wants to check my thyroid again in three months. Something tells me she doesn’t want to talk shop while she’s about to feast on crabs. I wanted to know what she was going to eat. I’m weird.

I wonder if I’ll nap at all today. I didn’t last time I couldn’t sleep. I remember trying, but no go. It might be different today since I haven’t slept at all since before the alarm went off at 7:30am yesterday.

Ok, we’re up to 1,048 words now. Before this sentence that is. I think we’re about done, don’t you? It’s 5:57am. Do you know where your dentures are?

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  1. Hhaahahaha man sleep deprivation-inspired posts kill me. Just read that before heading to work. Thankfully the dudes who drive me to work don’t call each other bra, so I won’t have to restrain chuckles.

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