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Ok after some good sleep, I’m no longer freaking out about the bloat/eating thing that I wrote about yesterday haha! I was really exhausted and raw yesterday, and that’s what happens when I hear something even remotely scary making. I understand now why it wasn’t something stressed at school. Carin pointed out in a comment that we’d work the dogs and then come back to campus and feed them. So the activity is probably more like having the dogs play and romp and run, not just walking around before and after eating.

I trust GDB and they’ve been in the dog business for decades. I just have to remember that. I can just run with something and drive myself a little mad before I rationally think about it haha. I’m sure if normal activity was a danger, the dog gurus at GDB would have stressed ut. I know that about them. They’re like dog Gods hahaha!!! Ok, back to our regularly scheduled blogging, until I have another brain missing moment.

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  1. Ah no worries. It’s all good. Freakouts are normal especially when he’s so new. The main thing is that you feel better.

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