For ‘Silence of the Lambs’ fans

My friend Chupa and I are huge fans of the movie. We would always quote different parts of it, one of our favorites being when Buffalo Bill asks Kathryn Martin if she’s about a size 14. When he discoveres that she is he says, “oh good, good”. It’s really creepy and we would find ourselves inserting that phrase into just about any kind of conversation and instantly start cracking up.

This morning she left a link to ‘It Rubs the Lotion on It’s Skin’ on my FB wall and I cracked up, laughing so hard I cried, trying to do that silent laughter so as not to miss anything. It’s brilliant!

I don’t know how many times I saw the movie and read the book when I was a sightie, but now I’ve got the described mp3 and the audio book and both have been listened to numerous times. I can’t get enough of it and probably never will. It’s definitely one of my alltime favorite books and movies.

And the song just topped it off.

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  1. That is totally awesome. I love that movie too.

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