Followers and blogger issues

Man, I have 2 followers! But I can’t click on them. I went to the help page and it said you can click on your followers images to view them but the images are’t clickable with the screen reader 🙁 This is a bummer. I’d like to see who’s reading and read their blogs too. I know one of them irl so I can just ask for her blog address. But I guess any other followers will remain a mystery unless they comment me with their blog address.

Another issue I’m having is finding other blogs I’d be interested in. There doesn’t seem to be a search anywhere. I can click “next blog” but it took me to foreign language blogs, a blog I’m not interested in and a blog that I couldn’t access. I wish there was a way to search by tags and stuff. I’m getting totally addicted to this lol! I want to see what others are writing! Get with the program, blogger…


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  1. Hey Ro, did you ever figure out how to see your followers cause I did!! lol I was messing around trying and it just happened. Let me know if you did or not so I can help you if you need it.

  2. Ro

    I can see the followers, like it’ll give me their name, but I can’t click on it. Its not a link or anything. So until they comment, I can’t look at their profile or blog. Very odd.

  3. Oh dang.. i didn’t even think to see if the link worked… well this sucks lol. If I ever get bored again and decide to use Voice over.. I do that a lot actually when I get bored.. I’ll let you know if I ever figure anything out lol

    Sorry for the fake-out

  4. Ro

    Haha no worries. That’s cool that you play with VO though, I’m sure that’ll help Darrel out, how fun!

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