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I just got the Fleksy App a few hours ago after following its development on Twitter for a couple months now. This app is amazing! I was so blown away by it that when people expressed some confusion on Twitter, I went and recorded a quick demo of it, having no real experience with the app aside from what I read from the developer’s instructions. I also had the beginnings of what is turning into a monster migraine, so when I say, “it’s so not user error”, it um, really was user error for the most part haha!

This app is incredible! Oh yeah, it’s for iOS devices. Click the link above for the the iTunes store page. Ok, I’m gonna go nurse this migraine and listen to some baseball, if that’s possible.

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  1. Finally listened to this demo. Good stuff. I’d definitely pay $15 for this. I know that once I have to learn touchscreens I’ll be totally inept, so this will make life so much easier.

    Oh, and every time you tried to type Fleksy and went “F, L, E, S, K, Y” and wondered why it wasn’t coming up, I would laugh. At first I seriously talked to the computer and said “no no no, you’re doing it backwards.” After that it was just hilarious. I think me and the dog have been here by ourselves too long today.

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