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I didn’t really know what to write again today and while I had good news at the gym, I didn’t want to brag about the workouts again. However…haha! That’s exactly what I’m going to do. I think a conversation on Twitter inspired the urge to brag.

My target weight since beginning to work out in September of 2009 was 150 because of my height, frame and the muscle weight I would be putting on. At my first weigh in, I was 179.

During my drinking days, my heaviest weight was 225 on my 5’7″ frame. I always carried weight well, but I most definitely showed that weight everywhere. When I sobered up in April of 2005 I dropped down to 180 within a few months. Alcohol is incredibly fattening, especially when you’re a beer drinker like I was and I hated lite beer. The carbs I ingested daily, wow!

I had never been fit. Even when I weighed around 160, I was pudgy and not at all strong, though I looked good at that weight. I was never athletic or in to exercise.

Throughout these last two or so years, I’ve seen moments of weight loss followed my months of holding steady. For the last few months, I’ve held steady at 156.

Today I weighed in at 154!!! I can’t believe I’m now only four pounds away from my target. It’s so exciting! I’ve mentioned countless times here that aside from the weight loss and looking good, I’m amazed at my strength and stamina on good physical days. I’m still plagued by MS fatigue, but exercise has improved my energy levels drastically.

The benefit of taking the weight off as slowly as I have is that I’ve trained my metabolism so even when I go through periods of no exercise, the weight doesn’t come back. I have plenty of muscle for fat burning.

I figured it would be a good idea to blog this milestone so I can keep track, and also maybe to inspire anyone looking to resolve to get fit. My suggestion though? Don’t make it a resolution. I don’t make those. Resolutions are made to be broken. Why not just start today. Set a goal, a target weight and remind yourself that it takes time. Go on, what’s your target weight? Start now. Don’t wait until January first. I started in September two years ago, so December sounds like a good month as well. Make it a Christmas present to yourself. The benefits are far too numerous to list.

I’m so proud of myself I could eat some chocolate. Oh wait, I did that earlier today. I don’t eliminate anything I can have in moderation. I eliminated Cheetos because I found I couldn’t stop eating them hahaha!

Ah, speaking of food, B is making cajun pasta and garlic bread. Yummmmmm!

Oh PS – I must add that I kicked a paralympian’s butt on the TRX. She tried doing the plank/crunch I was doing and it nearly killed her hehehe! And she couldn’t hold the plank as long as I could. Talk about an ego boost!

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