First blog, inspired by Chupa

Well, here goes. Its kinda funny how talking to Chupa about investigating getting a guide dog, inspired her idea of my starting a blog. Getting a guide dog means learning a new way to navigate the world, and here I am learning how to navigate this blog haha. These things are complicated by the fact that I use a screen reader, so they are not always easy. In fact, I wasn’t even expecting to have success at creating this alone, I had to change a setting though, to even find where I could type. At first I thought this wouldn’t be accessible to me.

I’m almost afraid to type too much, lest I try and post and there’s a problem. I don’t even know what the layout looks like, as I just selected the one already selected. I guess this post is primarily about…what…trying to perform tasks online with a screen reader? Hmmm…Google seems to be the site where I have the most success. I used to Myspace, when I could see. They have a great blog feature, and I’ve missed that thanks Chupa for giving me the idea to check out the google blog! I think I’ll post and try viewing, to see if this is going to work with Voiceover. I swear, I’m usually more interesting than this 😉 This is my first attempt at blogging in well over a year though.

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