Finished my first braille book!

The children’s classic, ‘Goldilocks’. 15 pages, with image descriptions.

My braille teacher could tell I was getting bored and disinterested with the study book written a million years ago, so she decided to braille me a copy of a grade one children’s book to read while she was away at GDB for 2 weeks.

At first it was a little confusing, especially when I encountered the word “picture” where it just didn’t fit in the story. But when I realized there was a hyphen next to the word, I understood. It had cute little descriptions like “Goldilocks examining the broken chair”.

It was fun to find out that I was spelling Goldilocks wrong in my head. I was spelling it Goldie Locks, two words. Instead of one word with just an I and not an I E. I had also forgot how the story ended, so it was nice to read it again after all these years.

I even found some small errors. I don’t know if my teacher put them in on purpose for me to find, or if she just lost the translation a little as she read the braille and typed the story into the computer to be printed on the braille printer.

I think for my type of learning, giving me a fairy tale was perfect. I knew the gist of the story, which gave me more confidence, knowing I was actually feeling the letters that were forming the words I knew would come next. The story also repeats itself a lot, so I got a lot of practice feeling letters and words over and over.
I see her Wednesday for class and when last I saw her, she said, “Next time you see me, I’ll have 4 legs and a tail!”

I get to meet her new guide doggy!! I can’t wait! And I actually got my homework done with 3 days to spare hehe!!

Had to throw on this blog right quick to mark the day that I finished reading my first braille book. 🙂


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  1. Glad you finished it!!
    Have fun meeting her dog(:

    Toby’s trainer

  2. Congratulations!
    That is quite an accomplishment! Now I might have to read it. haha Shhh…don’t tell me how it ends, I want to be surprised. *smile*

    JayNoy hahahahaha

    p.s. when I write hahahahaha does your reader sound like it’s laughing?

  3. R

    Toby’s Trainer – Thanks! And I can’t wait to meet her dog and hear how it went. She was a retrain, having taken some time off after having to career change her last dog, which was pretty hard for her.

    JayNoy – Hahahahaha heheheheheh, yes, but he actually sounds rather evil when there are multiple “ha’s”. I should so write a blog about the funny ways my computer says things, because my friends get a huge kick out of it. I use an Apple, so the voice is sooo incredibly different than the Jaws voice. I think I’ll write a blog about it at some point, thanks for the idea!

  4. Well S just might beat you to it. He has a lot of fun with the things his reader says. And he SWEARS he didn’t type in some of it. haha.

    Joni *smile*

  5. Way to go on reading your first braille book. You’re lightin’ the world on fire. You could teach a woman in my town who went blind a few years ago and still hardly leaves her apartment and refuses to read braille a thing or two or six.

    Hey are you using Alex, the breathing voice? Is he creepy?

  6. R

    Man, I don’t envy her. I was like that for a few months and then it just got old…feel free to tell her about me if you think it would help…

    Yes, I use Alex. And yes, it freaked me out at first haha! I didn’t hear the breathing until I put in headphones, and then I thought I was just nuts, so I didn’t tell anyone.

    Then, while searching for Voiceover commands to really learn this thing, I found an article Apple wrote about how they designed Alex to sound as human as possible, including the breathing at natural breaks, like a human would. So then I knew I wasn’t crazy and I started telling everyone hehe!

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