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I just checked my workouts tag, and checked the date of the start of the regime. September 21st, so just about 3 weeks of working out with a trainer in a gym twice a week. Actually, that first week, we only did it once. Add my crazy O & M lessons on Fridays and I’m getting 3 days of good exercise per week.

Just after I began, I realized I couldn’t keep track of my measurements like I used to, or even weigh myself at home. Not that I’ve ever been fanatic about the scale because i know that muscle weighs more than fat, so I used to go by how my clothes felt and measurements.

I can’t do the measurements anymore, so I just started feeling myself up to get a baseline haha!! I really noted rolls and flab and pinched skin to feel elasticity. Today I was doing it again, and when I touched my bicep, I was shocked! There’s muscle there! Just feeling it not flexed I felt the difference, and when I flexed, I gasped! So I stood up and touched my belly, and while still flabby, its feeling tighter under there, thanks to the slanted sit ups and the torso twist machine. I ran my hands up and down the sides of my back and its smooth. Any remnants of love handles are disappearing faster than you can say workout! My hips are a tad firmer and less flabby and my shape is getting more defined. Everything is feeling more toned and I am just so happy! This after only 3 weeks of dedicated workouts and watching what I eat!

I’ve never been this dedicated to weight loss, ever. It took going blind to get healthy. Well, thats in part due to Saavi and their gym. I was never able to afford a gym before, and didn’t like them even when I tried.

So now instead of standing in front of the mirror, I’m feeling with my hands. I look forward to putting on some real clothes later, since I’ve pretty much been living in my workout clothes.

Not to mention the change in how I feel physically. When I walked p the road on Friday, I didn’t even get winded, and when I used to walk that road when I could see, it just about killed me. I will be totally ready to walk the streets of San Francisco if GDB lets me in!!

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