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I talk a lot of ish about Facebook, but I love it, especially when family finds me. A few days ago, my mom’s cousin’s wife found me on Facebook. I was sooo excited about this! I got to meet them back in 98 when my mom and I went to Nebraska to visit. Mom was dying, and wanted to see her family back there. We didn’t see much of mom’s family when I was growing up. The few that lived here either died or lost touch, and I hadn’t met the family in Nebraska.

So that year, we went. It was wonderful, just me and mom flying away. It was October, and they had an early winter that year, and snow was making tree limbs fall off, and the power went out. Their home was this wonderfully charming two story house and I fell in love with it. The power went out, and I remember sitting in the kitchen, bundled up with blankets, heating water on the stove with tea candles for coffee haha! I’m sure they thought it was a ginormous pain the arse, but I thought it was an adventure. I remember putting a soda in the snow to see how fast it would get cold, and going outside to play in the snow, not knowing it was slippery, and slipping right off the step and falling down and just laughing haha!

They lived in this tiny little town that was all on one side of the road, and I laughed at places like the Piggley Wiggley hahaha! They had this big family gathering in the basement of this restaurant and there was so much family I didn’t even know I had. It snowed hard that night, and my mom’s cousin’s daughter hadn’t been heard from, so he was up all night pacing the floors. She had gone off the road into a ditch, but she was fine thank God.

A few months later, they came out here to visit. And they marveled at the no grass, no lawns lol. I remember for some reason we saw a lot of people in casts for some random reason, so they joked that everyone out here broke limbs all the time lol!

We lost touch after mom died. I remember years ago, something happened in Nebraska, I don’t remember what, some disaster, and I tried finding them, but couldn’t. I’m so glad they’re ok!

The weird thing about people finding me on Facebook, is that they might not necessarily know that I’ve gone blind. So it’s like, hmmm. Should I come right out with that? Should I say, so glad you found me, btw, I’m blind. It’s just not my edentity, so I never think to make that the first thing people find out about me. I felt horrible though, because I had an update about the trip or something, and she asked where I was going, so that’s how she found out I’m blind. Seriously, what is the best way to break the news? I mean, once people talk to me for 5 minutes, they know I’m perfectly fine now, but it’s a shock at first.

Anyway, I gave her the link to the blog, but that’s not why I’m writing this lol. I had planned to write it today anyway 😉

Weekends are my catch up days on the blog, that’s for sure. The weeks have been so busy lately. Blah blah blah boring busy days which I always seem to freakin talk about 😉

Yay for family!!!!!


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  1. Hey that is very cool that your family found you! The internet is a wonderous thing.

  2. I never mention the blind thing unless it’s somehow important to a conversation or if it just happens to come up. I’m not ashamed of it at all and I really don’t give the first shit if it shocks people, it’s just not something I let rule me the way some blind people tend to do. I’m Steve the blind guy and being him is pretty cool and something I wouldn’t trade for the world, but if you’ll notice, I wrote Steve first. I’m Steve the blind guy, not the blind guy who’s name is Steve.

    In your case the best thing you could do is come out with it when somebody you haven’t spoken to in forever asks you what’s new. Well, the biggest thing in your life now is that you’ve gone blind and you’re doing well with it. And if that’s not the biggest thing I’m sure it’s right up there. Just embrace it, it’s who you are. If people can’t handle that, fuck ’em. They don’t have to live with being you, you do.

  3. Ro

    That’s pretty much how I usually handle it. Meeting new people is no problem, because generally I met them in person and it’s obvious. It’s the people who knew me when I could see that it’s awkward. especially over the internet. There’s no real way to ease into it. On FB, most people check out profiles and pictures, so that’s how they tend to find out. But if they don’t look, they won’t know. It’s just hard because I’m perfectly cool with it now, the schock has worn off etc, so when I have to break it to someone, it’s difficult. I have to remember that for those people who knew me sighted, it sounds like a horrible thing, even though it’s given me more blessings than I can name.

  4. Anonymous

    We are the family Ro is talking about & we had tried more than once to find her. Until the facebook came along we had no clue how to do so. It was funny that we had no power & snow up to your buns. But we still loved watching someone who had never been around snow, cold & difts that closed down roads, when we have been around it so often. I enjoy keeping in touch with family & try to find friends from the past to find out news on their life. Ro we love ya!

  5. Ro

    Love you too!!! So glad we’re in touch. I think you’re the only family I’ve actually invited to read my blog, too hahaha!!

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