Fall cleaning

I don’t know about my other fellow desert rats, but I don’t do spring cleaning, I do fall cleaning. As soon as the first morning hits where the air is crisp and cool, my nesting starts, and I can’t wait to clean.

So, thats where I’m at. Its absolutely gorgeous out today and Thursdays are my down day, so I got set to tackle the tile floors.

Here is where I am going to admit something that would make Monica Gellar’s hair curl.

*I haven’t cleaned my kitchen, dining room and entry way tile floors since I went blind.*

Gasp! Vomit! Gross!

Yep. Its been a year and a half. Wanna hear the worst of it?

When B and I moved in here, I could see. He wanted to put the litter boxes in the spare room, I didn’t want them on carpet. So they went in the dining area. We never use the kitchen table since B likes to eat in front of the tv, so it didn’t seem like any harm to put the litter boxes under the table.

When you walk in my house, its tile for about 3 feet before you hit carpet (which is so much easier to keep clean, and is clean) in the entry way. On the left is a breakfast bar looking into the kitchen, on the right is a hall closet with accordian doors. There is a skylight in the ceiling. Its really nice!

If you stay on the tile and turn hard left, you are in the dining area. It’s probably about 6 feet by 6 feet or so, maybe bigger. There is a big window there with vertical “impairs” (hehe) and we put the table right under the window, flush with the wall, under our one and only ceiling fan.

We’ve never used the fan because it would just blow the litter box smell. I did sit under this fan all day when the A/C was broken, but thats another blog.

We never use the window because we can’t get to it, because the table is in the way. On either side of the table, was a litter box. B puts papers all around the box. We had one covered and one uncovered here, and then a small one too.

So, cleaning the floors after I went blind was just too daunting of a task. We couldn’t control the tracking of litter, and the floors always felt horrible. B would “sweep” sometimes after cleaning the boxes. I use “sweep” lightly here.

So when I decided to get a guide dog and found out I’d have a home visit, I just knew I couldn’t let a stranger see my floors. I asked at Saavi about the best places for litter boxes, or where other blind people keep them.

Guess what they told me? Yep. On carpet. Ok. B was right way back in the day.

Since we moved in, the spare room has been the “catch all” room. Its got an old couch in there, because when my friend gave me a new to me couch, I gave the old couch to the cats to tear up in the spare room. There’s boxes, rubbermaid stackables, ffurniture, suitcases.

No room for litter boxes. Saturday I woke up ambitious and began making room in there.

With my trusty white cane, I entered the madness and cleared out empty boxes and stuff so I could push the couch over to clear a good space for the boxes. Sunday, B put them in there and the cats had no problems finding where their bathrooms had gone.

We also replaced the uncovered ones with another covered one. Now I can just vacuum that spot of carpet where litter will track, and the carpet pretty much keeps the litter from getting tracked all over the place.

I told B I needed large sponges with scrubbies, so he bought those. They have been sitting on the counter. I was going to work on the floors on Tuesday but, well, I had a lot of comments on my blog…and I needed to practice my music…so it didn’t happen.

Today was the day. I put on “Annie” on iTunes and set to work. I picked everything up, moved the chairs and the trash can and set to work on the table. Actually I cleaned the window first.

I could feel snot tracks on the glass since thats the cats’ favorite window. I scrubbed the glass and the window ledge, having moved the table, and then I scrubbed the table. I started sweeping.

One of the blind women at Saavi gave me the tip of sweeping into a corner, and then using the vacuum. So I did this. I could have filled a litter box. Yuck.

I got out my handy dirt devil tank cleaner with the hose and sucked up the corner. But the floor still felt rocky. So I got on the floor and used my hands to feel and vacuumed every inch of the floor with the hose. I did my bathroom too.

This all took about an hour and a half.

I am taking a break. I got out my trusty Scrubbing Bubbles bathroom cleaner. Who says its just “basin tub and tile” cleaner. I sprayed it in all the corners, where the grime really built up, and now its soaking. I’m going to get on my butt and scrub the floors. The old fashioned way. This was also recommended to me by the blind lady at Saavi, because with a mob, you can’t feel if there’s a spot thats sticky.

I wish I could put sponges on my butt to make my butt productive while I’m scooting all over the floor ha!
So what better way to take a break than to write a blog about how disgusting I let my floors get? 😉

Everyone told me they really weren’t that bad, but I don’t believe them. I thought about hiring someone to do it, but couldn’t stand the thought of someone having to clean those floors.

So thats what I’m doing today, and it feels rather productive. I can’t wait to finish, open the window, turn on the ceiling fan, and walk on those floors barefoot!!


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8 Responses to Fall cleaning

  1. L^2

    I hope the rest of your cleaning goes well. I just mopped my floors recently after putting it off for at least six months and I felt so much better when it was finally done.
    It might not work for everyone, but I mop my floors while I’m bare footed that way I can feel with my feet if the floor is clean. My apartment floors may not be perfectly clean, but they sure do feel a lot better than they did before.

  2. R

    I think I’m going to mop it next time. I’m glad I did the scrubbing today to get rid of all the cat stuff, not that there was cat stuff, but all that litter if it gets wet, yuck. So I can tell all the hard stains are up, but it still doesn’t feel clean to me. I’m going to mop it next, now that its been scrubbed, and hopefully that will be easier now that its been cleaned for the most part. What a chore! But at least the tile isn’t rocky 🙂

  3. Way to go! And how did it smell afterward? Ahh… I’m quite the clean freak, so just hearing someone is cleaning makes me want to get busy cleaning too! Good Job,R!

  4. R

    Oh my goodness JayNoi let me tell you…

    I train in the gym twice a week with a paralympic gold medalist. She pushes me. I’m usually sore after a workout with her.

    But – nothing – compares- to- the – workout the floors gave me!

    I am sooooo sore today! Wow. I’m glad I don’t have to scrub that floor again. I think a mop and/or Swiffer will do the trick from now on that its gotten a good cleaning.

    It smelled good, for sure. Especially with the my F’breeze Air Effects Lavander and Vinilla room spray. I love F’Breeze Air effects!!

    Now if I can manage my O & M lesson with Dave today through this pain…

  5. You can do it! I think in scrubbing you used muscles that are not used in a standard workout session. You tell your trainer you want a scrubbing-the-floor workout, then you’ll be ready to mop. Once again using a different muscle group. 🙂 *smile*
    You’re doing great!!! I hope you know that. I just want you to hear it…daily!

  6. Wow you’ve all inspired me to dig in and do some serious cleaning around here. First thing tomorrow. No, the Huskers play tomorrow…can’t do it Sunday either, that’s the Lord’s day. Okay, first thing Monday morning then. I can’t wait!

  7. R

    Careful there, JayNoi might hold you to that. In fact I just heard my email ding, she might have already commented 😉

  8. Yeah, Stormcrow and cleaning? In My dreams!
    Now that I have his words in writing, I will show his mother AND hold him to it! Great idea R, glad you thought of it. lol

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