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So Carol had left a comment on one of my autism posts about a quiz you can take on Facebook to see if you have autism. A quiz. On Facebook. To see if you have autism.


Yep. Carol checked it out. I am so grateful I use a screen reader and can’t access those stupid quizzes. Carol said apparently she has autism because one of the questions is something like, do you like to spend time at home rather than be in large crowds? Well, I guess I have autism too.

Seriously, wtf. Now I sound like I should be posting on Facebook saying wtf but I don’t normally swear on the blog and wtf is how I feel.

At first I brushed it off. Then I thought maybe they put it up for autism awareness month. But then I just got pissed, and I was thinking about it just now and decided to post on it even though I don’t have a link or anything. So, sighties on Facebook, if you can access that quiz, can you take it and comment me? I just can’t even believe it.


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  1. I took it, it’s pretty rediculous. Then again any test like that for seeing if you have any specific dx is pretty rediculous if you ask me. There is more to dx someone with autism than answering questions like this. It’s family history, how you act in many situations across the board, how you can converse with the clinition doing the diagnostics, etc. Like even when I had a regular IQ test that aided the neuropsych dr in deciding I was indeed autistic because of the way my scores came out.

  2. Good god. A quiz? Hey Carol, are there similar quizzes to do with mental health disorders? Ro could have a field day! Hahha! God that’s dumb.

  3. I’m probably screwed too. I’m great in large gatherings and social situations in general, but the problem is that I’m a huge fan of being left the hell alone. I’d say my alone time is some of my favourite time. Seriously, how stupid that whole idea is.

    What was the exact name of it? I’m not on Facebook and unless forced at gunpoint I never will be, but if I can find a version of this elsewhere I want to try it out.

  4. Ro

    I know on my old mental health forum, there were quizzes you could take, to give you an idea of what you might be suffering from. The point was to help you narrow it down to *talk to your doctor about*. There, it was really emphasized to speak with your doctors about what you might find in the quiz, and also to help you decide which forums might interest you and give you support. I felt a little funny about the quiz there, but nothing like this one on FB. Steve, I bet you could find a quiz just by searching for it. There’s so much crap out there.

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