“Eye of the Needle” by Ken Follett – narrated by Eric Lincoln

This was a daily deal book. I hope Audible never ever stops the daily deal haha! This was by far, the strangest audio book production I’ve ever heard, and I’ve listened to books with gunshot sound effects and voice distortions and and who knows what else. The narrator started off speaking super fast, which I liked at first because it seemed to fit the time frame of the story which was back in the time of Hitler. I don’t like typing that name.

Anyway, as with any good spy novel, we’ve got the German spy in enemy territory and he discovers a secret that could swing the outcome of the war in Germany’s favor. Question is, how will he get the proof back to his country? He’s ruthless in his pursuits and appears to have no weaknesses.

It was a really good story. The production of the book however, was just way way way overdone. It only lists one male narrator but there’s a female too and I swear other males. At times he sounds like he’s recording in a bathroom. It’s just bad. Luckily the other daily deal books I’ve listened to have not had poor productions. Oh man, you should hear the narration of Hitler. Hahaha!

Rating: Entertaining

This book would have gotten a higher rating if not for the production. I definitely want to read more Follett.

I should have left this book for tomorrow haha! I’m sleepy and had the hardest time spelling the word pursuits. I hate getting so behind on book posts. Mad at myself.

“Eye of the Needle” at Audible ~ “Eye of the Needle” at Amazon

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