Experimenting, sorry for flooding

Ok, gonna try this again. I am selecting the text I want for the link, and then where it says “insert link, image”.

Trouble is, I don’t know if my text is staying highlighted when I leave the text edit field to click the image. I might just need to find where someone left the a href code.

Here’s the text I want to be a link:

Ok, did this turn into a link?clicking


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2 Responses to Experimenting, sorry for flooding

  1. R

    Odd. It turned it into a link, but it put it in funny so that the post doesn’t make sense. At least I’m closer…

  2. R,
    To us it reads, did this turn into a link and yes it did turn into a link. 🙂 You’re getting there!!!!Woohoo!

    Jnoi haha

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