Evan Longoria is single

Why is it that when we find out a celebrity is single, that we get excited? Ok maybe I shouldn’t speak for everyone, but if people didn’t get excited, why would it be such hot news to find out so and so is single?

Of course my stomach did a little flip when I found out Evan is single. But why? Isn’t it rather selfish of me to be happy that the man I admire hasn’t found a partner? Hmmm. Yeah, I mean like I have a chance. I have to admit though, he would go on my freebie card, and I would absolutely laminate it. That’s a ‘Friends’ reference; I’m not some crazy stalker chic.

After all, all I want is his hand print…

Oh and for the sighted ladies, this link has pics of Evan all dressed up for a fashion show. You can go check out his hottness, and I wouldn’t mind if you commented with descriptions. 😉


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  1. Speaking of single, you know what would be great? If the friggin Blue Jays could find it within them to score at least a single run this game. Getting shut out 6-0 by the Indians? On Canada Day? To complete a 4 game sweep? Jesus tap dancin’ Christ on a pogo stick!

  2. Ro

    Ah, sorry there. I feel bad for you because you’re my friend, but I’m really glad I only have to worry about two teams in this race…

  3. Well, the shutout thankfully was ended. Final is 6-1 Tribe. Jays made things interesting by loading the bases and cashing in a run, but then we hit into a double play and that was that. I hope you’ll be able to worry about us again soon. This team is much better than it’s been showing these last few weeks.

  4. I always get so confused when you do Evan Longoria posts! I always read it at EVA Longoria. I was trying to figure out why she and basketball guy broke up. I was finally unconfused when you kept calling her a him. 🙂

  5. Ro

    Hehe! Bit if Evan trivia for ya. In 2008, he had just come up from the minors to the Rays, who had never done well. Suddenly they’re doing well. I remember when they played in Philly during the WS, the fans would chant “Eva” when Evan was batting. On a radio interview I listened to, the guys said they were giving out Evan Longoria signed baseballs and guys were like, why did Eva Longoria sign these? Evan and Eva eventually talked. She sent him a bottle of champagne and he sent her an autographed jersey. When asked on Twitter if he minded having a similar name he said “nah, she’s the hottest of the housewives”. It’s all died down now, but when no one knew who he was, it was pretty confusing.

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